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How to apply nail-care after Gel nails, Artificial Nails and Nail Polish?

What your nail will become with no nail-care apply

What your nail will become with no nail-care apply

A British beauty blogger was left with raw and bleeding nail beds after removing the acrylics herself and no nail-care applied.  Gel nails, artificial nails, nail polish… After all the time spent creating beautiful designs on your nails, it is essential to give the nails a rest, and some pampering. Here are some easy-to-follow nail-care steps:


1. Care for polished nails:

You can keep your nails short with the help of a file, and apply some nail treatment products. Make sure you wash off the products regularly. If the nails become yellow, buff the nails, or soak and scrub them in diluted lemon juice once a week. Both these methods are very effective to whiten and brighten discolored nails.


2. Soak-off Gel:

When soak-off gel is removed, the nails become dry and soft. File the nails short, and apply a richer nail conditioner such as cuticle oil. You may manicure your nails, but be sure to apply a protective agent during the first two weeks of pampering period. You may also apply regular nail polish, but be sure to remove the nail polish after 3-4 days. When the nails grow back healthy after 3 to 4 weeks. you can apply new soak-off gel again.


3. Acrylic Nails and Gel Nail:

Ladies, ripping off acrylic or gel nails is not acceptable. Wait for a couple of weeks, and cut the artificial nails short. File down the thickness a bit. Repeat this process in two weeks. Meanwhile, apply nail treatment products and conditioners often. After 4 or 5 applications, the real nails will slowly grow back, and the artificial ones will come off very easily (For sculpted nails, repair and re-shape them 4 to 5 times before you take them off.)

What your nail will become with no nail-care apply

What your nail will become with no nail-care apply


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