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OPI 2017 LED燈機支援Bi-Phase雙波長 Gel甲更快捷效果更佳


OPI 與 LG Innotek 聯手研發推出新一代 Soak-off Gel LED UV 燈機,配備 Opticure 和 Bi-Phase 技術,支援兩種不同波長 UV 配合不同需要,減少使用 LED Soak-off Gel 後需要重覆照燈的次數。

Bi-Phase 技術支援的兩個波長,其中 365nm 波長 UV 能針對甲面保留光澤,而 405nm 波長令整個 Gel 甲更持久耐用。


[Nail Art Classroom] OPI Fiji Collection – Pastels

OPI Fiji Nail Art - Pink


Previously we have shown you nail art with the OPI Fiji line blues.  Now, let us get on with the pastel shades.

Create a romantic harmony with these three shades: rosy pink – “Two-Timing the Zones“, light pink – “Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon“, and lavender – “Polly Want a Lacquer?“.  They are unmistakably youthful and ultra feminine.These pastel shades not only work well together, They look nice on their own to!


Digital Nail Printing Machine from Japan


Introducing state of the art nail printing machine by TSUME.CO of Japan. Instead of printing one nail at a time, this new machine can print five nails all at once. That means getting beautiful nails five times faster. And best of all, the preset designs are hand-painted by professional nail artists using their skills of great precision.  You bet you can find many intricate an amazing nail designs here.  Keep in mind that the complicated ones take longer to print though.

TSUME.CO is planning to open up more stores all over Japan and even provide rental services for their new machines. 

For a video introduction, Click on the following link:



[Nail Care at Home] Dr Wonder Nail Paraffin Hot Spa

Life can be so caught up sometimes that it is not possible to moisturize the hands every time after you wash them, let alone making a trip to the nail salon.

When dryness appears, you may want to slow down and give your fingernails a spa treatment.  And you can do this at home with Dr Wonder.  Simply pour in hot water (approximately  80°- 90°C) in to the container. Wait till the label turns to pink. Then, one by one, dip your fingertips into the container. Pull them out and let dry for 15 minutes. Peel the wax off and that is it!

It is recommended to use this product once or twice a week.  The fingertips will feel soft and look well nourished. For best results, do a manicure first. The appearance of healthy fingertips will last much longer!



[Nail Art 教學] 用 CND Shellac 製作美甲彩繪

CND Shellac Nail Art

很久都沒有介紹過 CND Shellac Soak-off Gel 的款式了,今次不是介紹新顏色,而是選用先前推出的色彩做 Nail Art 美甲彩繪!

今次製作的 Nail Art 只需使用兩枝色彩 ─ CND Cake PopCND Black Pool,在你想要幾何圖案的指甲上先用 Black Pool 不規則畫上直線,然後用畫花筆沾上 Cake Pop,塗滿其中一個空格。清潔畫花筆後,再沾上 Top Coat 點少許閃粉,塗滿其中一個空格,而最後一個空格塗上 Black Pool。完成後,再用 Black Pool 加深預先畫的直線就可以了。

大家熟手後,就可自創屬於你的幾何圖案了 :)

[Nail Art Classroom] OPI Fiji Collection – Blues

OPI Fiji Nail Art - Blue

OPI Fiji line has already arrived. The blue shades and the pastel ones immediately stand out from the rest of the set. It is hard not to be playful with these exciting colors.

This is done with Coconuts Over OPI and two gorgeous blue shades:  Super Trop-i-cal-i-fiji-istic  and  Suzi Without a Paddle

Light blues always make the Summer feels refreshing. It is no wonder they are always the favorite choice among the ladies. 

Next we will show you nail art  with pastel shades in the OPI Fiji collections.

[夏日優惠] 半價享用手腳護理 (2017年7/8月)

新增 Microsoft PowerPoint 簡報 again

好多女仕到左夏季都不會搽cream,加上經常在太陽底下,皮膚更缺水。Cuccio 水盈護理配方,可以針對缺水情況 ,令乾裂皮膚立即變得更滋潤光澤!


修手+護理優惠價: $370

修腳+護理優惠價: $650




[Promotion] Hands/Feet Treatment for Half Price (July & August 2017)

Many people skip moisturizer during summertime. With so much sunshine, it is quite common to have dehydrated skin on hands and feet which got exposed to the scorching environment all the time. 

In the coming months of July and August,  Rainbow Nails is offering half-price special packages on hands and feet re-hydration treatment with manicure or pedicure a service.


Manicure + hand re-hydration treatment: $370

Pedicure + feet re-hydration treatment: $650


Pay with EPS or cash only

By appointment only

日本新一代指甲彩繪打印機 一次過列印五隻手指

指甲彩繪打印機已經愈來愈成熟,日本 TSUME.CO 再度推出一部新的指甲彩繪打印機,比過去舊式只能一次列印一隻手指,現在可以一次列印五隻手指,相對需要用的時間較少。當然打印較複雜的圖案需要較長時間,重點是彩繪打印機每款彩繪圖案都由彩繪師人手繪製,圖案都畫得相當精緻及細微。
雖然該公司會設立門市,但也有指甲彩繪打印機出租服務,可以相約一班閏蜜在家互相扮靚靚,增進友誼 !

影片網址: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pys3Q2GL_94

[Nail Art 美甲彩繪教學] OPI Fiji 斐濟系列 – 粉色系

OPI Fiji Nail Art - Pink

上一篇 Nail Art 美甲彩繪教學介紹了 OPI 2017 新推出的 Fiji 斐濟系列指甲油當中的藍調色彩,今次輪到粉色系了。
Fiji 系列中的玫瑰粉紅 Two-Timing the Zones、淺粉紅 Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon 及薰衣草紫 Polly Want a Lacquer? 都是女生最愛。大部分的女生都愛粉系,帶點少女氣味又感覺斯文大方,三種顏色配搭出來十分和諧,分開塗又能配搭不同的衣服呢!