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Heidi’s Nail Solution Nail Strengthener and Cuticle Repair Cream in all new travel size


Last time we talked about Heidi’s hands and feet product’s; this time, good news from Heidi’s best seller!

The all new Heidi’s Nails Solution nail strengthener and cuticle repair cream 8ml travel size has exactly the same ingredients as the classic size.  It is also enriched with soybean protein, cottonseed oil, lanolin, and oil of cashmere.

Now, you can rejuvenate dry, dull, weak, uneven and split nails anywhere you like.  Strengthen them, increase elasticity and bring back healthy glow even when you are on a plane or travelled far abroad.


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Heidi’s Nail Treatment Products

[多用也不怕] 自製天然洗甲水


1. 用新鮮檸檬汁加白醋混合一起

2. 利用棉花+天然洗甲水放上甲上輕輕按推甲油,甲油就立即可卸除!



[Nail Art Classroom] Beat the Heat with Refreshing Nail Colors!

Give yourself a refreshing look with these cool and eye-catching nail colors through this hot and sticky summer of Hong Kong.  To further invigorate your manicure, try adding coconut leaves and flower graphics.


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[Nail Art Classroom] OPI Fiji Collection – Pastels

[Nail Art Classroom] OPI Fiji Collection – Blues

Heidi’s Nail Solution 指甲修護霜推出旅行裝


Heidi’s 的皇牌產品 Nail Solution 指甲修護霜最近推出旅行裝,只有8ml,成份完全相同;當中含棉花籽精華、大豆精華及羊毛脂,能修護及治療乾燥,無光澤及軟化分裂的指甲,針對不平指甲,恢復彈性及強壯指甲等等,最適合帶去一齊去旅行,在機上及外地用都很方便。



Heidi’s 指甲修護產品系列

[Nail Art 美甲彩繪教學] OPI Fiji 斐濟系列 – 粉紅色系



指甲油: OPI Fiji 斐濟系列



[NAIL ART 美甲彩繪教學] OPI FIJI 斐濟系列 – 粉色系

[NAIL ART 美甲彩繪教學] OPI FIJI 斐濟系列 – 藍調色系

OPI 2017 Soak-off Gel Bi-Phase LED/UV Lamp – Faster Cure for Better Gel Nail


OPI developed New generation bi-phase LED/UV Lamp in partnership with LG Innotek.  The device features Opticure and Bi-Phase Technologies which can effectively help reducing the need for using multiple lights to cure soak-off gel nails.

The Bi-phase curing contains dual UV light wavelengths:
365nm- works on surface curing for high shine retention.
405nm- helps curing all the way down for Longer-lasting wear.


This new model has the same sleek design as its OPI counterparts. The complete 360°and five–finger cure performance allows better targeting and faster curing. Now, you can get gorgeous and durable soft gel nails in a flash!

[Tutorial] Nail art using CND Shellac Soak-off Gel

CND Shellac Nail Art

It’s been a while since we brought you any news on CND Shellac Soak-off Gel, but this time it is not about new shades.

We are showing you techniques of geometrical nail art with two existing shades: CND Cake Pop and CND Black Pool.

First, start by working some stripes with Black Pool.  Then, use a nail art brush to fill up one of the shapes with Cake Pop.  Clean the brush.  Dip the brush with Top Coat and glitter to fill up another blank space.  Come back with Black Pool on the remaining space.   Finish this nail art by darkening the lines with some more Black Pool.

Once you become good at this, you can create your own geometrical design as long as you are pleased to.


OPI 2017 LED燈機支援Bi-Phase雙波長 Gel甲更快捷效果更佳


OPI 與 LG Innotek 聯手研發推出新一代 Soak-off Gel LED UV 燈機,配備 Opticure 和 Bi-Phase 技術,支援兩種不同波長 UV 配合不同需要,減少使用 LED Soak-off Gel 後需要重覆照燈的次數。

Bi-Phase 技術支援的兩個波長,其中 365nm 波長 UV 能針對甲面保留光澤,而 405nm 波長令整個 Gel 甲更持久耐用。


[Nail Art Classroom] OPI Fiji Collection – Pastels

OPI Fiji Nail Art - Pink


Previously we have shown you nail art with the OPI Fiji line blues.  Now, let us get on with the pastel shades.

Create a romantic harmony with these three shades: rosy pink – “Two-Timing the Zones“, light pink – “Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon“, and lavender – “Polly Want a Lacquer?“.  They are unmistakably youthful and ultra feminine.These pastel shades not only work well together, They look nice on their own to!


Digital Nail Printing Machine from Japan


Introducing state of the art nail printing machine by TSUME.CO of Japan. Instead of printing one nail at a time, this new machine can print five nails all at once. That means getting beautiful nails five times faster. And best of all, the preset designs are hand-painted by professional nail artists using their skills of great precision.  You bet you can find many intricate an amazing nail designs here.  Keep in mind that the complicated ones take longer to print though.

TSUME.CO is planning to open up more stores all over Japan and even provide rental services for their new machines. 

For a video introduction, Click on the following link: