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Health Secret behind the Nails – What do different Colors mean

On our previous post, we mentioned that spots, lines and shininess on the nails indicate different health conditions of the body.  This time, we are going to focus on color.

Why can Nails be different in color?

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are many acu-points around the nails. This means under each nail it is a hub for blood and energy flow.  Therefore, hidden health condition of the body may reveal through color of the nails.

Nails looking whitish signals insufficiency of blood.  If pale color is accompanied by having dents on the nails, it May be Iron deficiency anemia.   Dark brown nails can be caused by Poor function of the kidneys.  Green or yellow nails means weak lungs. If the skin is also yellowish, it can mean jaundice or hepatitis.  Purple red nails indicate poor blood circulation or even cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and lung disease.  Blackish nails might appear on people who are undergoing chemotherapy.  Black lines on the nails may just be longitudinal melanonychia which occurs when pigments under the nails become excessive.  This does not need to call for a concern.  However, if the lines darken or widen in time, it can be a kind of skin cancer called subungual melanoma. 

What does it say in western medical practice?

If the nails are pale, that means poor nutrition or anemia. If the nails suddenly turned white, that means the body is suffering from emergency problems such as bleeding or even coma.  Liver failure maybe reflected through white nails.  The person should go check with a doctor quickly. Furthermore, grey nails can mean lack of oxygen or fungal infection.  Yellow nail can be  stain of tobacco tar, or it can be Vitamin E deficiency.

Health Tips:

Many people are way too busy.  To improve your health, it is important to nourish the livers and kidneys.  Alcohol and cigarettes are enemies to healthy nails. Quit them soon!  Also, be sure not to over exert your body and have plenty of rest.

指甲健康的秘密 – 指甲的顏色代表甚麼?


指甲偏白代表血虛,指甲同時凹陷代表缺鐵性貧血;呈深褐色有機會因腎虛或腎氣不足;青或黃色代表肺氣虛,若皮膚同時帶有黃色,更有機會患上黃疸或肝炎; 紫紅色反映血液循環不好,甚或患上心腦血管或肺部疾病。




Health Secret behind the Nails – Spots, Lines and Shines

A professional nail technicians job is not only to put on pretty shades on for the clients, it is also to observe the natural conditions of their nails.   Nails often give a telltale sign that reveal the internal health of the person.  In fact, anyone can read the health message through the shapes, sizes and colors of their nails.

Below let us unlock the health secrets hiding inside the nails.

Spots on the Nails

White spots can mean calcium deficiency, zinc deficiency or fungal infection.  Yellow spots indicates possible Overtiredness,  Mel nutrition or digestion problem.  If black spots are found, it can be a warning signs of Gastroptosis or stomach cancer.

Lines on the Nails

When vertical lines appear on the nails, it may means over tiredness, lack of sleep or The development of chronicle disease.  However, if there is horizontal line on the nail end it moves up as the nail grows, it may indicate that there is already a chronicle disease   Please go check with the doctor as soon as possible.

Shininess of the Nails

If the nails  appear to be dull, it may be the signs of chronic wasting disease such as tuberculosis, different kinds of Abscess or chronic bleeding, etc.  on the other hand, if the  shines are patchy on one or a few of the nails, it may indicate inflammation problems such as chronic bronchitis

指甲健康的秘密 – 斑點、紋理和光澤








Nail Polish can reflect the Global Economy?

In early 2000s, The cosmetic industry believed that the lipstick index is an indicator for recessive growth of economy. However, market opinion researchers recently found out that sales of nail polish has taken over and become the new economics thermometer.

Going back to the time during the Dot Com Bubble, lipstick sales were going up while luxury sales were going down. It was believed that Women were reserving money and make more purchases on less expensive items. Ever since, The lipstick indexed has been used to measure consumer confidence.

However, in recent studies through the 2008 Financial Crisis, analyst found out that The sales of nail polish have assumed the role of the economy crystal ball instead of lip care products. It was believed that women became frugal and skimmed visiting nail salons while putting their money inDIY nail polish products. This was reflected by a 12% increase in nail polish sales in that year.

Actually, nail salon can provide professional services in a greater comfort. Whether it is rise or fall of the economy, when the nails are professionally done, you look more professional. You definitely get more confidence in the commercial world.

Foods that strengthen Nails

You have probably already know what kinds of food are good for the skin. How about your nails?  Nails are made of carotene proteins.  There are certain foods can make the nails stronger and healthier.  Here are a few of them,

1. Beef

Beef is rich in protein.  More importantly, it has a high content of iron which prevent the thinning of hair as well as spoon nails and other nail problems.   You do not have to have beef everyday, moderate amount is good enough.

2. Blueberry

Blueberries are packed with antioxidants which protect body cells against free radicals.  Other kinds of fruit and dark green vegetables may be high in antioxidants, but blueberries contain the highest of all.

3. Oyster

Oysters not only are rich in nutrients, it is also high in zinc which helps the body to form protein and promote growth of nails.

If you do not like the taste of oysters, beef and baked beans are good alternative sources of zinc too. 

The above are suitable for adults and children alike.

[出神入化] 另類LEGO Gel甲

港女玩Gel甲款式層出不窮,如果玩普通圖案已經玩到悶的話,不如轉玩新花款。有外國人就嘗試了另類LEGO Gel甲,造型更加出神入化! 其實做法非常簡單,只要拆去LEGO公仔的底部,再塗上膠水貼在指甲上即可。 鍾意浮誇的話,當然可以貼上整個LEGO人仔。




自2000年開始,商界一向相信「唇膏指數」(lipstick index)能有效反映經濟增長速度,不過最近有巿場研究公司認為,唇膏指數的「經濟寒暑表」作用可能已經失靈,並由「指甲油指數」取而代之。



其實光顧美甲店, 能夠享受更專業服務, 心情好自信滿滿, 無論經濟起伏, 都自然能夠馳騁商場, 盡展所長!

Let the Nails Go Wacky with LEGO!

The cool always half away to get even cooler.  Some foreigners would wear Lego gel nail in order to to be different.  It is about time the nail art lovers of Hong Kong try this funky idea too.   

It is very simple.  Just remove the bottom part of a Lego figure. 

Then, glue it on and there you have it!  Better yet, just stick the entire figure on.  Try not to sleep on it though. It will really hurt!


嵌甲 (ingrowing nail) 又稱「甲溝炎」,俗稱「掙甲」,意指腳趾甲嵌進肉中,造成疼痛、感染的情形,病因通常可分為五種情形:

1. 因為工作關係,長時間必須穿著過緊的鞋子;
2. 不當地修剪趾甲;
3. 先天性甲面過闊;
4. 捲甲;
5. 因扁平足令腳趾公容易著地而感染引起。


1. 把趾甲邊緣清理乾淨;
2. 剪趾甲切勿往內挖,要沿著邊緣平平地剪。