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Nail Gel for $5.50 each from Japan Online Shop

Daiso nail gel has gone viral among the $12 watcher groups. Shoppers are searching every corners throughout the entire Hong Kong. Actually, life can be easier. Just visit the Japan Daiso online shop and you will find the entire line of nail gels. Each piece only costs 100yen, which comes up to only HKD$5.50. Better yet, they have Traditional Chinese and English interface and accept international credit cards such as VISA, Mastercard and AE.

There are about forty hot-sale shades. You will discover many nail items not available in Hong Kong. It is definitely worth a visit for DIY enthusiasts.

However, there is a catch. The online shop only deliver to places within Japan. Therefore, before filling in your info, you need to have a Japan address ready first. You may want to register your Japan address in a Japanese consolidator such as, BuyAndShip, ShipDo, EaddadeForward, etc. The shipping cost can be as low as $7/kg. It is not bad to get bulk items in this way, really!


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