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Why are my hands peeling?

Some people will have peelings on their hands at the time when winter goes into spring. They are not itchy or painful. Is there anything we can do about it?

OPI SPA – Rescue Dry Hands with a SPA

Wanna rescure your dry hands? Treat them to a spa during manicure! This treatment can make your manicure lasts longer. Try the all new OPI SPA.

The Evolution from OPI Avoplex to OPI Pro Spa

The OPI Avoplex -Avocado Spa was a super-nourishing system. It repaired and replenished dry skin with natural avocado oil. Recently , OPI has stopped the production of this line and developed a new and even more advanced formula called “PRO SPA”.

OPI 全新 ProSpa 專業手足修護系列 保護皮膚彈性增強保濕抗衰老

OPI推出全新提升版手足修護系列「ProSpa」,由加州皮膚科名醫(Zena Gabriel)加入研發團隊全程監督,是史上第一個結合皮膚專家知識與OPI品牌專業研發的新系列。

Beat Dryness with Cuccio – The Long-Lasting Moisturizing Export from the U.S.

Winter wind is blowing hard.  The skin might have quickly shown some dryness.  You know it,  here comes the time to switch to an intensive moisturizer.  Try Cuccio.

4 Easy Steps – OPI Hand Treatment / Skincare [Video Tutorial]

Most ladies are very more than willing to spend a few h […]