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[Reasons of Thick Toe Nails] 5 Causes you must know (II)

In our last post, we talked about the five causes of thickened nails. In fact, there is one more major cause — nail fungus.

Fungal nails and nail thickening

1. Fungal infection is the leading cause of thick nail

Our last post talked about thick nails being a sign of other conditions. However, thickened fungal nails are quite common amongst elderlies.  Thick nail is the inevitable sign of fungal infection.

2. How does a fungal infection lead to thickening of the nail?

When fungus invades into the nail plate or the nail bed, it will quickly multiply itself and make the nail thick.  The accumulation of Cornified substances further add  thickness to the nail.  This causes the nail to discolor.  Generally, the nail can be beefed up by two to three times thicker

3. Fungal infection can cause serious problem to the nail

If the problem is left untreated, lifting will occrwhile it continues to thicken.  The nail will look cloudy And  eventually come off.  What makes it worse is if there is athletes foot atthe same time, cross infection can happen between them and ends up in  much more complicated problem

If this is the case, go to see a specialist as soon as possible.


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