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4 ways to ease Dry Heels – Last Point is the most important

Dry heels is a common problem among men and women alike during change of seasons.  What are the causes of dry heels? And how can we resolve this problem?

Who are more likely to get dry heels?

1. Those who shave frequently

Since the blade of a shaver can be quite irritating , The skin will respond with a self protective mechanism by producing a harder layer of cuticle. As time goes by, cracked heels appear.

2. Those who Bare-feet all the time

Ditching the socks when putting on shoes are likely to end up with thickened  cuticles for the person.

3. Naturally dry

Some people just have dehydrated skin. Their sweat glands cannot work properly.

4. Infections

When the weather  is stuffy and humid, those who often wear tight shoes with stockings May create a perfect breeding ground for fungus.  once infected, the fit will develop problems like odor, peeling and cracking heels.

What are the solutions?

  1. If the skin is very thick, soak the feet in warm water for 15 minutes first. Then use a pedicure foot Fowler to file away the cuticle.
  2. If the heel is very dry, apply a rich moisturizers such as Vaseline in the morning and evening.
  3. If the feet has been attacked by fungus, use a fungal cream or go to see the doctor. Keep in mind the fungal cream should be applied until the fungus problem has completely disappeared. When the feet recovered, the problem of dry skin and peeling will improve.

Tips for prevention: When you get home, use Heidi’s germ wise antiseptic spray on your feet and inside the shoes to prevent growth of fungus. It does not contain alcohol that will dry out your skin. I would also recommend  cuccoi pedicure foot scrub. Do it with perservance to keep your feet from dry and crack


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