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LED Soak-off Gel Comparison – OPI LED Gelcolor vs CND Shellac vs ADL vs Bandi


What is the characteristic of those popular LED Soak-Off Gel brands? We can know more from the comparison of  OPI LED Gelcolor, CND Shellac, ADL and Bandi as below:




CND Shellac






Origin America America America Korea
Colour 150+
OPI Nail Lacquer is the majority for Europe and America style, it has different seasonal collections and the red, purple and blue are the ladies’ favorites
Similar to CND Vinylux’s colour, multiple shades, different annual series and the pink, nude and turquoise are the ladies’ favorites

Sweet and Cute pastel colours which has shades of grey


Mostly Sharp and Glitter colours
Nail Brush Thick and smooth materials, easy to cover the medium or large nails’ surfaces Small and Round, suitable for small and medium nails Thin and fan-shaped Long and Round, high Elasticity
Material High elasticity, solid and thick quality, good clarity at 2 layers High elasticity, fine and thin shade, always apply a 3 layers for a better result Average elasticity, fine and thicker shade Average elasticity, fine and thin shade, always apply a 3 layers for a better result
Last for About 14 days At least 14 days About 14 days About 10-14 days
Curing Time 30-50 seconds 60-120 seconds 40-60 seconds 30-50 seconds
Wipe off Time
(10min later)
Need some tools to wipe off for a better result Easy to wipe off except the edge of nails Glue sometimes stays on nails, need some time to work on it Glue sometimes stays on nails, suggest to soak in water for approx 15 mins
Price $250+ $250+ <$250 <$250



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