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[Less is more] Easy and Elegant Nail Art Tutorial

The word manicured sometimes can make people think of the tacky big bright nails or trashy gemstone look.  Oh! You do not have to force yourself to look like an old witch, you know! Nail art design can be easy and elegant too.

A classic style is white tip.  You can also use transparent base coat.  Pink or nude shades are good options too.  Simply  paint a dot, a star or some stripes on the nails.  If you are quite an artist, you can paint flower petals, or even glue on a piece of dry petal. These designs are quite modest yet slightly on the flamboyance side.

To simplify it further, you can just stick a little bit of glitter or paint a few spots. These may look very simple but they are just as eye-catching as any complicated artwork.


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