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A lot of ladies have got their synthetic nails broken at least once.  If you are lucky, only the fake piece broke.  However, there are times that the real nail also got BROKEN while they were still attached. What can you do?

(Before: Pic 1,2)

This person slammed the door into her nails.  The real nail cracked open along with the acrylic.  We first removed the color to decide what to do.  During the removing process, the top of The Nail was stabilized since the slightest movement could cause excruciating pain. We also talked to the client in a comforting way.  This was a case of horizontal crack.  The two sides were called the supporting points.  We sanded out triangle shapes here  to work the gel powder in. When the two sites were fixed, the entire nail was fixed down.

(After: Pic 3,4)

When the gel powder was applied, the nail was no longer loose.  The client also felt much better. It was most important to make sure there were plenty of gel on both sides. We checked for smoothness with our fingers to make sure nothing would get caught.Then we sculpt it into the right shape and apply color.

This was the repairing method that we shared for now. Other kind of damage may require different kinds of solution.


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