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Why do I get Bumpy Nails?

Bumpy nails are not just unsightful. They can be a sign of health problem. Let us dig into the cause of bumpy nails here.

The experts believe that Bumpy Nails are ill nails.  They are mostly having Malnutrition or Fungal problems.   The nail plates can be thin, having horizontal lines or bumpy dots. When the problem gets serious, The nails can be splitting, thickened, dull and even brittle. The reasons can be as follows,

1. Fungal Infection.  If the person does not have a good cleaning habits, The nails can be infested and look bumpy. If the problem is accompanied by yellow and thickened nails, that is for sure fungal nails. Go check with a doctor and have them treated.

2. Malnutrition.  Starvation, paralyzed fingers, fingers held at a fixed position, etc. can hinder nail growth.  This means bumpy nails can relate to lack of nutrition.  Generally speaking, this is a sign off calcium and protein depletions.  You should always intake plenty of eggs and garlics to get your nails healthy .

3. The Weather.  The temperature starts to drop during autumn and it gets cold when winter comes. During this time, The body can develop vasoconstriction. Blood circulation slows down. Tips of the fingers become anoxia.    Therefore, bumpy Nails come along.


1. Create good environmental and personal hygiene. Never let the fungus to infest.

2. Do not share personal items such as socks, shoes, slippers and towels.  This is the number one reason for cross infections.

Wish you all have beautiful and healthy nails!


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