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Why do I get Bumpy Nails?

Bumpy nails are not just unsightful. They can be a sign of health problem. Let us dig into the cause of bumpy nails here.

The experts believe that Bumpy Nails are ill nails.  They are mostly having Malnutrition or Fungal problems.   The nail plates can be thin, having horizontal lines or bumpy dots. When the problem gets serious, The nails can be splitting, thickened, dull and even brittle. The reasons can be as follows,

1. Fungal Infection.  If the person does not have a good cleaning habits, The nails can be infested and look bumpy. If the problem is accompanied by yellow and thickened nails, that is for sure fungal nails. Go check with a doctor and have them treated.

2. Malnutrition.  Starvation, paralyzed fingers, fingers held at a fixed position, etc. can hinder nail growth.  This means bumpy nails can relate to lack of nutrition.  Generally speaking, this is a sign off calcium and protein depletions.  You should always intake plenty of eggs and garlics to get your nails healthy .

3. The Weather.  The temperature starts to drop during autumn and it gets cold when winter comes. During this time, The body can develop vasoconstriction. Blood circulation slows down. Tips of the fingers become anoxia.    Therefore, bumpy Nails come along.


1. Create good environmental and personal hygiene. Never let the fungus to infest.

2. Do not share personal items such as socks, shoes, slippers and towels.  This is the number one reason for cross infections.

Wish you all have beautiful and healthy nails!











7 Embarrassing Moments of Nail Art Addicts

For those who love nail art, I am sure you can relate yourself to one of the following seven annoying habits.  Let us see how many you can identify with. 

1. Addicted to changing nail designs

Once you get into The world of nail art designs, you can never turn back. You always make up excuses to get new nail designs, such as: change of seasons, holidays and even traveling.  You cannot help yourself from doing this. However wearing fake nails for too long can give you yellow nails.  Try to give your nails a break between each change. This can decrease the harm of  this addiction.

2. Nail images on the phone

You have stored a massive amount of nail images on the phone.  It is all too easy to save the images from IG and Facebook, not to mention the millions of  screenshot from many of the nail salons that you follow.  Just so you can find the right idea from the photo albums next time when you want to change.

3. Hiding germs in the long nails

You may like to get extensions or avoid trimming the real nails, but you may not like to clean The Nails. This definitely allows germs to cultivate.  It is very easy two collect debris when you are putting on make up or grabbing some food to eat. If you are always afraid of ruining the gel and avoid cleaning the nails they can get quite nasty!

4. Typing with the pads of your nails

When a person with fake nails type with fingertips, it is very hard to type accurately and it makes a lot of annoying tapping sounds.

You often have to use the pads of the fingers rather than the top.

5. Unable to do the little things in life

Simple things like opening soft drinks, picking up coins and paper on the floor and even squeezing blackheads became impossible! But what the heck! The nails look good and that is what matters!

6. Nail selfies

You  often fell in love with you’re newly done Nails. You cannot help to take pictures of your own hands and you Keep on staring at your own nails for over 10 minutes at a time.

7. More and more dramatic

You cannot settle for Single shades anymore, not even multiple shades. You can only be satisfied by eye-catching items like gliitter, pearls, anything that can make a strong statement.

How many of the above addictions can you link yourself to?

[美甲症候群] 美甲女生都有共鳴的7個徵狀!


  1. 換甲換上癮
    美甲後回不到過去! 當你走上了美甲這條路,你就會回不去了。因為每次都會忍不住換甲款,也經常製造藉口給自己去美甲:轉季要換甲,特別節日要應節而換甲,就連去旅行也要特意去Gel甲,好像上癮了一樣。不過缺乏營養的指甲也很容易變黃,所以指甲也需要緩衝期休養一下,這樣指甲受的傷害也沒有那麼大。
  2. 手機美甲照
  3. 長長指甲暗藏細菌
  4. 要用指腹打字
  5. 生活小麻煩
  6. 自拍指甲照
  7. 越做越跨張
    普通單色已經滿足不了你! 經常做開美甲的女士只會愈陷愈深,從初初簡單的單色或者拼色美甲,漸漸就會變換花色,甚至後來會再指甲上加上很多閃片,珍珠或者其它誇張的素材等等,務求愈誇張愈好。



A lot of ladies have got their synthetic nails broken at least once.  If you are lucky, only the fake piece broke.  However, there are times that the real nail also got BROKEN while they were still attached. What can you do?

(Before: Pic 1,2)

This person slammed the door into her nails.  The real nail cracked open along with the acrylic.  We first removed the color to decide what to do.  During the removing process, the top of The Nail was stabilized since the slightest movement could cause excruciating pain. We also talked to the client in a comforting way.  This was a case of horizontal crack.  The two sides were called the supporting points.  We sanded out triangle shapes here  to work the gel powder in. When the two sites were fixed, the entire nail was fixed down.

(After: Pic 3,4)

When the gel powder was applied, the nail was no longer loose.  The client also felt much better. It was most important to make sure there were plenty of gel on both sides. We checked for smoothness with our fingers to make sure nothing would get caught.Then we sculpt it into the right shape and apply color.

This was the repairing method that we shared for now. Other kind of damage may require different kinds of solution.

[斷甲拯救隊] 手甲被門夾斷拯救過程全公開



<圖片一,二 before>



<圖片三,四 after>



[Japanese Nail Art] Ease your Heart of Longing

At this time you still don’t know when you can fly to Japan. Do some Japanese nail art to comfort your earning now? Put some tiny flowers on a pink background . Add a little Japanese fan there. Oh, how cute!  This really can remind one of Sakura blossoms and the warm spring breezes.

[和風系 Nail Art] 想念日本? 畫個櫻花甲一解思鄉愁

兩年沒有到過日本旅行,好想快點有機會「返家鄉」吧? 不如今天就整一個和風指甲!以花、扇子及御結配以粉紅色,令人想起櫻花季節,春風吹臉的感覺,看起來真的超級可愛,快來一解思鄉病吧!

What to do with Ingrown Nails?

Ingrown toenails are not uncommon.  We have talked about previously that this problem could be inherited or caused by poor habits.

You can find out more through this Link

The person in this picture has cut the sides of her nails too deeply into the skin and did not file down the corners. This already has made her toes painful enough.  What made it worse was that she run often which put extra stress on the front of her feet.  This resulted in harden skin which made it hurt even more.

<Pic. 1 before>

First, we removed the tough skin To decrease the stressful feeling.  Then we cut off the sharp corners with a sharp scissors and rounded them down to prevent further ingrowing problem.

<Pic. 2 after>

It was not advisable to believe that this problem can be solved in one shot.  You need to change your habit.

1. Do not cut your nails too short.

2. Do not cut the corners too deep into the skin.

3. Have your pedicure done

Buy a nail technician to lessen re-development of the problem.

[嵌甲不用怕] 三步就可以令腳趾不再疼痛

相信很多人對於「嵌甲」(又稱掙甲) 都不陌生。嵌甲,英文為 Ingrown Nails,意思指指甲向內生長,而我們之前有些文章提及到除左天生,後天也會有影響的。



<圖片一 before>


<圖片二 after>