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[香港品牌] Ommicare x Hello Kitty 便攜式磨甲機

市面上都有很多在家用的磨手甲機,這次要介紹的,是Ommi Care,一個香港本地品牌,推出一款便攜式的磨甲機,另分別有嬰兒及腳部系列,配上獨特的打磨頭設計,打磨指甲又不傷皮膚,電池供電及超靜音設計。

每部磨甲機匀跟有五個磨頭(磨皮、磨甲 、除繭等)及兩個鑽頭(拆甲、拋光),每個頭用法都清楚寫在裝磨頭的外盒上,十分方便使用。而它的外觀也是賣點,現時有三個系列,有十多種顏色選擇,還跟 Hello Kitty crossover,Kitty迷不要錯過呀!

Amputation after Manicure

A Brazilian lady found her thumb swollen and full of pus soon after she got her gel nail done. The finger looked quite frightening.

It happened because she did not notice much to a cut on her cuticle WHEN SHE DECIDED TO GET a nail extension. The fake nail was glued over the cut. A few days later, the finger became infected. The pain was so severe that she could not even work. THE DOCTOR PRESCRIBED anti-inflammatories and antibiotics, but nothing helped. She has got cellulitis. The tip of her thumb ended up being amputated.

She decided to put this tragic story on social media, warning people to be careful. People must check with the nail technician about any risk prior to getting nails done.

[開運美甲系列] 2022年添才又添財:金色




[Promotion] Mani + Pedi & Gel Polish Early Summer Offer (Jun-Jul 2022)

As the weather warms up in this romantic months, it is time for some fresh new nails.
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For $920, customers can enjoy a normal manicure and soak-off gel pedicure in our special June-July
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*For cancellations or changes to your appointment, please notify us more than 4 hours in advance to ensure no cancellation fee

*Accept credit card over $800

[優惠] Mani + Pedi Soak-Off Gel 初夏優惠 (2022年6/7月)

在2022年6月至7月期間只需 $920,就能享受特別優惠:

普通修手甲及Soak off可卸式凝膠修腳甲服務全套!




Nail Art for increase Luck in Getting More Income

People use gold and silver to increase their luck in getting more incomes. It can be just as stylish. Feel free to integrate glitter and beads to create a dazzling nail design. Who knows? It might bring you luck when you play mahjong games.

Nail Art for Attract more Good Friends

Nude is the way to go when you want to attract more good friends. You can create a design with stripes or various red shades. That can sure be a nice topic in your chitchats.

Nail Art for Bliss of Luck

Adorn yourself in the bliss of luck and fortune with red nails. Choose from Different shades include burning red, blood orange, burgundy and even raspberry, whichever makes you happy. To be more interesting, you can add pink , gold or silver glitter and beads in your design.

Nail Art for luck in Finding Romance

Let the shade of peach blossom brings you luck in finding romance, or becoming more stable in a relationship. You can use single shade in any kind of pink, or you can work our a gradient nail. Paint a heart can be very cute too, but try not become tacky or you will scared away the one you wanted to attract.

[Nail Salon Reopen] Beautiful View to Feast Your Eyes

Nail Salon service has been resumed! What nail art should be made to celebrate a bit?

Let’s try some shapes! Already a hit last year, shapes continue to be popular this Spring/Summer season. You can create this sunset nail by applying a pink background, adding a circle and a couple. Of triangles to represent mountains. Look! You have got a beautiful scenery on your finger tips.