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Pretty Toenails

Summertime is sandal-time.  Kick out the boring plain nail color on your toenails and give it a new look by using stamps or stickers.  Here is a cute design created with a stamped. 

[Nail Art推介] 動物花紋當道


Magnetic Stick for Nail Art


Take a look at the mystical starry sky nail art. If you want to make one for yourself, here is how.

You will need a special magnetic stick and magnetic nail polishes.  The steps are simple. Just apply the magnetic polish collection and hold the magnetic stick up close to the nails for five seconds .  The starry sky will appear quickly like magic. Then, you can finish it off with a topcoat.

To get the products, you can go to the following website.



[指甲救星] CND RescueRxx 美甲急救修復劑 新添旅行裝

之前介紹過的CND RescueRxx受大家熱愛,現在它們有旅行裝了!各位女仕可以帶到周圍去了。


Bandi – Quality Nail Polish from Korea

Introducing ‘Bandi’ — the new and popular nail care brand  from Korea, now is in stock at Rainbow Nails in addition to our American collections of OPI and CND. 

This trendy brand is thoughtful enough to make a different bottle design to match with the theme of each collection set.

The following nail art was done with a pale pink and grey in Bandi’s Spring collection. 

Whether you are going to work, out for some lovely sunshine or attend a fun party, Bandi has just the right  Spring/Summer selection for every occasion.

Bandi 2018 “Summer Club” Collection

The Korean nail profession, Bandi, has launched a new summer collection this year.  The 2018 Summer Club Collection includes six bright shades and two shades in glitter. For beach lovers, you can wear the  fluorescence hinted orange with the rainbow blue, to create a harmony with  the golden sands.

The pale pink and the light blue shades with glitter are also must-tries.  These shades are made up with irregular silvery flakes which can be quite elegant.

2018 Bandi夏季系列─Summer Club


[韓流襲港] Bandi 指甲油



[Cute as can be] OPI 2018 Summer Grease Collection LED Gelcolr Soak-off Gel

Summer heat is rising up.  The OPI 2018 Grease Collection has finally arrived!

Check out the pale granite grey (Rydell Forever and the light pastel yellow(Meet a Boy Cute As Can Be).  They both remind us so much of the good old times.

The teal emerald green (Teal Me More, Teal Me More) and the purplish blu (Chills Are Multplying!) are perfect for a smart-casual you. 


To reflect the cute side of you,there are different pinks to choose from among (Electryfyin’ Pink), (Hopelessly Devoted to OPI) and (Pink Ladies Rule the School

OPI 2018 Summer Grease Collection Nail Lacquer

Get some Summer loving fun with OPI’s Grease collection which was inspired bye the Broadway’s most zestful musical.  Make a blast with a collection of daring, bright and intense shades.  Go ahead, enjoy your self with the memories of dance, gangs and old times teenage dreams from the memorable scenes.


NLG41 Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milkshake

NLG42 Meet A Boy Cute As Can Be

NLG43 Summer Lovin’ Having A Blast!

NLG44 Was It All Just A Dream?

NLG45 Teal Me More, Teal Me More

NLG46 Chills Are Multiplying!

NLG47 Frenchie Like To Kiss?

NLG48 Pink Ladies Rule The School

NLG49 Hopelessly Devoted To OPI

NLG50 You’re The Shade That I Want

NLG51 Tell Me About It Stud

NLG52 Danny & Sandy 4 Ever