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Nail Art for Chinese New Year

Nail Art for Chinese New Year

The god of pig will finish his term soon. The next CNY, year of Rat, will arrive quite early. It is time to decide on a CNY nail art and make an early schedule to the nail salon.

[鼠年快到] 農曆新年 Nail Art 推介

豬年仲有一星期就完,大家有冇留意今年既大年初一亦都比往年早左呢? 無論是 Gel 甲還是掃指甲油,各位姊妹記得選好甲款,預早少少約時間幫指甲換新裝 ,迎接過年呀!

Scottish Plaids – OPI 2019 Scotland Collection Nail Lacquer

Inspired by the 2019 Fashion Week in Paris, OPI Scotland collection brought to you the beautiful shades of Scottish plaids. Next time when you put on leather or woolen with houndstooth, you can never go wrong with the twelve shades off OPI Scotland Collection nail polish.

OPI 2019 秋冬指甲油新色 – Scotland 勇闖蘇格蘭前衛迷幻之旅系列

OPI 今個秋冬季系列名為「蘇格蘭」—- 勇闖蘇格蘭前衛迷幻之旅系列 (Scotland Collection by OPI),因受到2019巴黎秋冬時裝週所啟發,OPI選用了蘇格蘭出名的圖案元素:千鳥格紋,皮革材質和毛呢針織等等,配合 2019 秋冬季潮流 pantone 趨勢色彩而成…….對於今年的服飾潮流,這十二枝色彩都十分容易配搭。

NLU12 A Little Guilt Under The Kilt

NLU13 Red Heads Ahead

NLU14 Suzi Needs A Loch-Smith

NLU15 Things I’ve Seen In Aber-Green

NLU16 Good Girls Gone Plaid

NLU17 Boys be Thistle-ing At Me

NLU18 Rub-A-Pub-Pub

NLU19 Nessie Plays Hide & Sea-k

NLU20 OPI Grabs The Unicorn By The Horn

NLU21 Nice Set Of Pipes

NLU22 You’ve Got That Glas-Glow

NLU23 Edinburgh-er & Tatties

Party Nail Design for Festivals

2019 will soon be wrapped up.   Have you figured out your countdown plans yet? Besides Christmas feasts and holiday decorations, parties are also important ingredients of this festive time.  If you want to dazzle in Count down parties, we have got some nail design for you to Check out!  You might find something you like!

Re-U停不了! 派對指甲做咩款好?

2019年接近尾聲 ,大家諗好點樣渡過聖誕算同倒數未呢?除左食聖誕大餐,幫屋企裝飾下,唔少得既當然系參加聖誕party!想喺party當中做最曯目,在指甲花點心思絕對不能小,小編今次為你們送上一點建議,我相信實有一款啱你心意吧!

Christmas Style Nail Art is coming to town!

Christmas is coming in no time.  Has everyone given enough thoughts to put some holiday spirit on the nails yet?  I have made a few festive designs for you to look at. Hope you find them helpful.

聖誕節做邊款 Nail Art 設計好?

聖誕 Nail Art
聖誕 Nail Art
聖誕 Nail Art

聖誕節又到喇~ 大家諗好要幫指甲做邊款設計未呢?小編就做左幾款聖誕系列既 Nail Art 美甲彩繪設計比大家參考攞下靈感~~

OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover – Removing Soak-off Gel can be Nourishing!

OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover
OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover

Many nail lovers worry that soak-off gel may turn their nails yellow or result in dry white spots. However, if they are using OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover, these will not be the concern.

First of all, The purpose of OPI manufactured Expert Touch Lacquer Remover is for LED Gelcolor & Soak-Off Gel. The active ingredients include Vitamin E, Kelp Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract and Oil controlling Grape Seed Oil. The unique antioxidants and hydrating ingredients help leaving the cuticle soft and moisturized. More importantly, it removes more thoroughly than the traditional remover. Even the toughest jobs such as removing dark shades and glitter can all be quickly completed.

[浸甩 Soak Off Gel 都可健康] OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover

OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover
OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover

有很多愛甲朋友仔都會擔心浸 Soak Off Gel 的藥水來源,成份…怕浸甩後甲面變黃,乾到出一撻撻白點,其實這情況在 OPI Expert Touch Remover 就不會發生。

首先我們簡單了解 OPI 專為 LED Gelcolor & Soak Off Gel 研發的 Expert Touch Lacquer Remover,內含成份有維他命E、海帶和蘆薈精華,當中還加入控油的葡萄籽油以及獨特的抗氧化和保濕霜既保濕也有護理效果,可保持角質皮膚柔軟,不會令皮膚及甲面乾燥。

而且它比傳統的 Remover 更有效去除指甲油,可加快去除深色及閃粉指甲油。