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[Simple Nail Art Classroom 3] Galaxy Sticker

Did you enjoy our previous classroom posts on Circular Sticker and Rainbow French tips?  In this post, we are making a simple nail art with the once very popular galaxy sticker.  A black base maybe what comes to mind first, but other shades may work just as well. 

I am going to do a pale pink base.  It may seem a bit unexciting at first, but once I stick on the galaxy sticker and add some vivid colors , the whole thing is different… you do not need to cover the entire nail with galaxy sticker, just a small portion works wonders.


[簡單美甲教學3] 星空紙




[Simple Nail Art Classroom 2] Rainbow French Tip

To give a fun new look to your classic French tips, get five shades of the rainbow ready.  Here we chose pink, yellow, blue, orange and purple.



Start with a white base.  Then use a flat brush to gently apply the shades.  Keep in mind not to go over each shades too many times.  Finished off with a nice top coat and you are ready to go.

[Simple Nail Art Classroom 1] Round Stickers

Hi!  In the upcoming posts, we are going to show you some easy and effortless DIY nail art.  First, let us play around with round stickers here.

圓型貼片 Nail Art

1. Simply dots

Create a polkadots pattern, or make your own unique design.


隔顏色+圓形珠仔貼 Nail Art

2. Beads

Stick on five round stickers to represent flower petals. Then, stick on a golden or silver bead at the center.   You got a perfect nail art for the Spring/Summer season.


3. Divider with round stickers and beads

Apply two different shades at opposite side of the nail. Then, line up round stickers and beads between the shades as a color divider.


Magnetic Stick for Starry Sky Nail Art

Take a look at the mystical starry sky nail art. If you want to make one for yourself, here is how.

You will need a special magnetic stick and magnetic nail polishes.  The steps are simple. Just apply the Miss BoBo magnetic polish Collection and hold the magnetic stick up close to the nails for five seconds .  The starry sky will appear quickly like magic. Then, you can finish it off with a topcoat.

To get the products, you can go to the following website.



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[New Formula] CND Creative Play Nail Lacquer and Soak-Off Gel


The newly formulated Creative Play Collection is like CND Shellac – both of their applications do not require any filing of the real nail surfaces while still being durable and shiny.

However, Creative Play is thinner and therefore it is much smoother to apply and easy to mix and blend.  Whether you want to make tiny flowers, little crystal or even the effect of watercolored marble on your next mani, it should all be no problem at all!



圓型貼片 Nail Art

大家好,黎緊會有幾篇介紹一下簡單又易做的 DIY Nail Art 美甲教學。第一篇我們會使用圓形貼片,除了可弄成波點的美甲圖案外,還可以發揮你們的小創意,做成不同的圖案。




隔顏色+圓形珠仔貼 Nail Art