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我地日常為左整潔同方便會定期修甲,其實屋企既毛孩都需要定期修甲架。 因為貓貓如果指甲過尖過長,會容易勾到窗簾地氈等既地方扯傷指甲。而貓貓既指甲切面為圓型,所以基本上市面買到既貓用剪甲剪都系圓孔既設計,小編亦唔建議用人用既指甲剪幫貓貓剪指甲,因為人用既指甲剪容易施力不均,造成指甲破裂。 所以避免比貓貓既銳爪爪傷,小編建議每月幫家中既貓貓修短指甲。

What is American Manicure?

First of all, it is originated from America. What makes it different is that it does not require soaking to soften the cuticles. 

In Rainbow Nails, our American Manicure is achieved by using an electric nail file with a triangular cuticle pusher and a sander. 


1 Clear up the lunula with the triangular pusher

2 Gently scrape away the dried cuticles with the sander

3 Bring the nail to the desired length with a file

4 Apply nail polish

5 Done!

The electric file does not irritate the skin, thus thick cuticle is less likely to come back.  It will leave the skin softer and smoother.  The result will last much longer. 

Below are the before and after pictures of a client receiving American Manicure.


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美式修甲 (American Manicure) 是什麼?

美式修甲的英文是American manicure,當然發源於美國,跟傳統修甲方式不同之處是不需用水先浸軟手皮。

我們的美式修甲主要是使用一部電銼和兩個不同形狀的轉頭 (分別是三角石磨及沙圈石磨)。


  1. 在半月位置使用三角石磨轉頭向前推平滑
  2. 換了沙圈石磨轉頭把指甲兩旁的皮肖或硬皮磨滑
  3. 使用指甲銼磨短
  4. 塗上指甲油
  5. 完成








[Grand Opening Promotion] Rm 1004, 10th Floor, Haleson Building, Central

Good news! Our very first branch has finally opened. Also conveniently located in Central, our new salon is neighboring to the Center. Now, stylish OLs can have one more choice for a sensational getaway in their busy daily schedule.

During our promotional period, customers can enjoy a one-time 15% discount on any of the nail services. Come and check out our new place!

Room 1004 10th Floor,
Haleson Building,
1 Jubilee Street, Central  

Telephone: 2840 0886

*Promotion is applicable to customers with appointments and payment by cash only

*Promotion is only offered at the new salon in Rm. 1004 10th Fl., Haleson Building, 1 Jubilee Street, Central  

*Promotional period: from seventh January to 31 March except the period between 28th January to 13th February 2019



電話:2840 0886

* 使用優惠必須預約並只接受現金
* 優惠只適用在新店〈中環租庇利街1號喜訊大廈10樓1004室〉
* 優惠期為2019年1月2日至2月28日〈不適用於1月28日-2月13日〉

[Twinkling Starlight] OPI Metamorphosis Collection Nail Lacquer

Metamorphosis 2018 Nail Lacquer is another set of beautiful nail shades from OPI after the Autumn collections. The set includes six limited edition mysticshades. All six shades has glitter in them, giving a shimmery iridescence to your nails.

[閃閃星光] OPI 2018 期間限定 Metamorphosis 系列指甲油

OPI 繼 Grease 系列之後,再度推出一套6枝期間限定的 Metamorphosis系列指甲油品牌發言人說這是一個低調又夠閃的系列,重點是每一枝都是閃粉,指甲油色彩上帶有層次的閃粉,製造出不同感覺。


Disney movie ‘The Nutcracker and the four Realms’ is about a girl in search of a magical key to open the presents from her mother. She ended up entering into a parallel world. OPI “The Nutcracker” collection LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel is using various vibrant shades to represent the different scenes and special experiences in the movie. Purple red is being used to reflect the classy style of the leading actress.

[OPI x DISNEY] OPI 胡桃夾子 The Nutcracker 假日系列 LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel

大家都知道 OPI 這個 2018 壓軸胡桃夾子假日系列 The Nutcracker Collection 整個構思其實是來自 DISNEY電影,講述女主角尋找一條鑰匙去打開母親留給她的禮物,之後走入不同的奇幻國度。 OPI 選用了七彩繽紛的顏色來代表一個又一個的地方,而紫紅色就代表女主角的高貴。

Sensations by Rainbow Nails

Please note that as of 22nd November 2018, we have opened a second salon on 10/F ,Rm 1004, Haleson Building, 1 Jubilee Street, Central.

This expansion is to better serve our growing client base. Both salons will remain open.

Thank you for your support😁