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圓型貼片 Nail Art

大家好,黎緊會有幾篇介紹一下簡單又易做的 DIY Nail Art 美甲教學。第一篇我們會使用圓形貼片,除了可弄成波點的美甲圖案外,還可以發揮你們的小創意,做成不同的圖案。




隔顏色+圓形珠仔貼 Nail Art


[Pink Season] OPI Libson Collection LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel

Finally they have arrived in Hong Kong! The ones we have been waiting for.   Not only nail polishes, OPI 2018 Spring Lisbon Gelcolor Collection is also here.  Let us Focus on the different pink shades.  There are light ones, dark ones, pastel ones and even glittery ones.  This comes just in time for the cherry blossom season in April .  You can never go wrong by dressing up all your nails in pink when you take pictures in front of those enchanting sakura!

[櫻花粉紅] OPI 2018春季系列 Lisbon LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel

到啦到啦! 上一次介紹的OPI 2018春季系列Lisbon指甲油到港,緊接著 Gelcolor 也都來了,重點是有不同深淺的粉紅色,又有閃粉又有Pastel,適逢4月是櫻花盛開的季節,這套Soak-off Gel 系列就非常適合,可以把十隻手指塗滿粉粉跟櫻花瘋狂拍照了。

Pantone Color of the Year 2018

Each year, designers turn to Pantone to find out the trendiest color of the upcoming year.  This year, Pantone announced that ultra-violet being Color of 2018.  Agile yet profound, this particular shade of violet conveys a special sense of creative future, uniqueness and strong vision towards the world of tomorrow .

Here let us share with you some nail art designs using ultra-violet polish.

Ultra-violet is the major shade. Then, add some silver shiny flakes and cosmic sticker to achieve a cyber, dashing  and futuristic look.

A bold French tip with contrasting fluorescent yellow and fluorescent pink stickwrs. Look! That is totally daring andrestless.

[CND 新配方] Creative Play 指甲油及 Soak-off Gel 同時登場

CND 新配方系列名為 Creative Play,跟CND Shellac一樣,無須磨真甲面也能持久亮麗。但當中兩者有甚麼分別呢?Creative Play 最大賣點是它可以用作畫花!因為質地較 Shellac 稀,可以混合顏色,不但做到小花,大家最喜愛的晶石和暈染效果都絕對冇問題。 Creative Play 將同時推出 Nail Lacquer 指甲油和 Gel Polish ,配合不同需要。



French Tips Designs other than White

The classic French manicure has been characterized by its pale pink base and the white smilie line.  In recent years, people like to modernize their French tips with special designs.  Here are a few ideas to give your tips some twist.

Choose any color you like. Give the tips a diagonal, half circle or triangular design. 

How about going for a irregular style, try this melting ice cream look with some nice blue shades.  It is such a refreshing look for the spring month.

[美甲彩繪教學] 文青風 Nail Art 持續大熱

以往塗甲油比較流行以單色為主,Nail Art甲藝圖案亦大至相同,看起來整齊乾淨。


CND Shellac Duraforce – The advance strong and durable Top Coat

Introducing CND’s new Shellac Duraforce top coat.  The advance Gel Top Coat is formulated to provide strong and durable protection for week and brittle nails.

It has five powerful advantages:

  • 25% more protection than the original formula
  • Strengthen weak, broken  and brittle nails against breakage and last up to 14 days of protection
  • Lightweight and natural looking
  • Extra shiny and highly reflective surface
  • It requires only 15 minutes to remove without the need of a file. The removal process will not harm the nail.

The Evolution from OPI Avoplex to OPI Pro Spa

The OPI Avoplex -Avocado Spa was a super-nourishing system. It repaired and replenished dry skin with natural avocado oil. Recently , OPI has stopped the production of this line and developed a new and even more advanced formula called “PRO SPA“.
The OPI Pro Spa system contains not only avocado oil, it also added white tea extract and Cupuaçu Butter
White tea extract is high in antioxidants and active compounds. It prevents the breakdown of collagen and retains skin elasticity.

[星空圖案達成] 指甲彩繪磁力棒