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OPI Neon 2019 Collection LED GELCOLOR Soak-off Gel

It is easy to fall in love with the striking shades in OPI Neon Collection. Especially for out door lovers, The neon nails just bring an extra touch of sunshine on the tend skin. However, do not be put off if you have pale complexion. Neon pink and neon purple can brighten up the look of the fair skin.

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Viral Warts Rough Bumps that look like Seeds Grow on Hands and Feet

In our last post we talked about corns and calluses. Now, let us go on to warts.

Warts are common skin diseases. Researchers worldwide found out that At least 20% of children has contracted warts at one point in their life. The word – ‘wart’, is a general name for over 150 different kind of human papilloma viruses (HPVs). Warts can appear in different parts of the body. They are most commonly to be found on the face, hands, feet and genitals.
Warts in different areas can feel differently. Genital warts are fleshy bumps. Those warts that grow on the heels of the feet can be quite irritating when walking and often are mistaken for calluses.

Common Warts
Photo Credit:DermaNet New Zealand, flat warts, CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 NZ

Viral warts are contagious. They are small bumps with tiny blood clogs that look like black seats. They can grow in clusters. Active treatments are required since they are infectious and can spread on to other people. Amongst the over 150 strains of HPVs, certain viruses attack specific human body areas. Take HPV1 as an example, they often infect the heels. Warts that found on the feet are called plantar warts; those on hands are called Palmer warts.

Plantar Warts
Photo Credit:DermaNet New Zealand, Plantar Warts, CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 NZ

The common ways of treating warts include: freezing (cryotherapy), laser, medication and minor surgery treatments . The doctor will analyze according to the location, the sizes, numbers and depth, as well as the patient’s budget and expectation to make the decision. Since freezing treatment do not leave scars, it becomes the most popular choice. You may ask the doctor to see what is best for you.

What are Corns? How are they different from Viral Warts and Calluses?


Sometimes there are patches of hard, thickened skin appear on the feet or the hands. How can you tell whether they are corns, warts or calluses?

Corns are thickening of irritated cuticles which are caused by the result of pressure and repeated friction. They are often found on the soles of the feet, Between the fingers, and outside of the thumbs and pinkies. Corns hav a translucent, cone shape center surrounded by thick skin with smooth surfaces, unlike warts, They are generally not contagious. However, if they are infected or becoming strange in appearance, you need to see a doctor.


The forming of calluses is similar to that of corns but the locations are different . Calluses are usually found on the hands and the feet where pressure affects the most. They are also not contagious. Calluses usually cover bigger areas than corns. Their shapes depend on the stressed area. They do not have clear Centerpoints. Medical attention is usually not required.

According to the picture above, there are many different kinds of callus removal methods available. The most popular way is by using a callous file. You need to go lightly when filing away the hard skin though. Make sure you take off the thickened part layer by layer. Ambitious filing may draw blood and cause infection.

In Rainbow Nails, we use a electric peeler to shave away the calluses. It may take a longtime. But the result is good. Soft and fresh skin will reveal when it is done.

雞眼 vs 繭 vs 病毒疣
Corns vs Calluses vs Viral Warts

OPI SPA – Rescue Dry Hands with a SPA

In Hong Kong, ladies work with their hands constantly. There are always housework after a full day of jobs, but never any time for the hands to get pampered and protective . Luckily there is a rescue. You can treat your dry hands to a spa during manicure. An extra benefit is that this treatment can make your manicure lasts longer. Try the all new OPI SPA.

This service comprises of OPI’s AVOPLEX and OPI skincare line for the hands and feet. The anti-aging and deep moisturizing super fruit ingredient – cupuaçu, as well as white tea extracts and avocado compounds essence hydrate and lock in moisture. In just 20 minutes, your hands will feel soft and completely refreshed.

Rainbow Nails 創辦人榮穫英國 CIBTAC 全球最優秀學員獎項

Rainbow Nails 創辦人 Helen Leung 二十多年來桃李滿門,培訓過不少出色美甲師,最近 Helen Leung 再次精益求精,考獲 British ITEC Level 5 Professional Diploma in Education and Training 專業資格,除了把豐富的教學技巧和課程發展視野提升至世界級,更榮穫 CIBTAC Awards 2019 全球最優秀學員獎項 “CIBTAC Student of the Year Finalist 2019″,獎項代表著學員於 CIBTAC 專業資格中取得出色的成績。

[Nail Art for Autumn] Cashmere Look for Nails

BESIDE Giving your nails an autumn leaf look, you can dress them with sweater shades to. Apply some blue GREY TONE pastel shades on the nails. Go over with a matte coating. Your nails will look completely ready for the crisp and cool temperatures

[15週年感謝月] 惠顧指甲服務享折扣優惠

生日快樂!又一年了,今年是第十五年!十月是 Rainbow Nails 的週年紀念月,希望大家都可以一齊慶祝及報答客人多年來的支持😊 ,由2019年10月1日至11月8日,凡惠顧指甲服務,都會享有折扣優惠,惠顧一項美甲服務可獲九折,兩項美甲服務更可獲八折,而且我們還會送上小禮物,小小心意答謝大家支持 !

[15th Anniversary] Discounts in All Our Nail Services!

Happy Birthday to Rainbow Nails!
We are celebrating our 15 years of nail beauty service during our Anniversary month in October. 

Starting from 1st October to 8th of November, Rainbow Nails is offering discounts in all our nail services along with a small customer appreciation gift. You will get 10% off for one nail service and 15% off for two nail services! Come and share the joy with us and give your nails the perfect makeover.

OPI Pro SPA – 快速急救手部護理

當你們做手甲時可以加埋一個treatment做,令到十年都唔搽手霜的乾旱皮膚帶一點滋潤,而且可以令個 MANICURE last 得耐d。

就係之前有介紹過的OPI的全新系列「OPI Pro SPA」,集合了AVOPLEX及OPI手部足部兩個系列,最主要係主要成份萃取了超級水果古布阿蘇,抗衰老且深層滋潤;白茶萃取及牛油果複合精華,保濕且鎖緊水份。而且只需20分鐘,比自己抖一抖又可以潤下皮膚!😊

[Dip and Shake] OPI Powder Perfection

What is that?
The SNS dip powder has become quite popular recently in the manicure industry. This product gives a smooth and even finish to the nails. It looks like acrylic but does not require UV curing.

OPI Powder Perfection is easy to use. After a basic mani, simply buff the nails. Apply base coat and let dry. Then did the nail in color powder. Pull finger out and dip back into the color powder twice. Then, one more dip in clear powder. Use a sponge file to smooth out the surface. Then, finish up with a top coat.

Keep in mind to complete one nail at a time. Rushing through may just en up with a mess. Enjoy!