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OPI 2018 Summer Grease Collection Nail Lacquer and LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel is coming


The legendary Broadway musical-‘Grease’ has captured the audience with its story of teenage love and friendship while addressing the social issue of gang violence.  To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of this longest-running Broadway musical, OPI presents Greece nail lacquer an LED Gelcolor Summer collections.

[夏日Nail Art教學] 幾何小清新

喂~夏天黎啦!你地手上嘅指甲悶嗎?  機會黎啦~~~

你地有無試過用簡單嘅線條、做成三角形、星形、圓形、正方形、 等等……切成一個小圖案呢?無論你甲面上有無顔色,你只需要用幾條直線就可以為你嘅,指甲打做一個全新形象,仲等咩呀!Go Go Go~~~~~

建議顏色: 大家可以用裸色配搭上黑,白,灰色,試試吧~一定有驚喜啊!

Soak Off Gel Promotion (July and August 2018)

Soon it will be Summer ! It is time to prepare your hands and feet for the perfect beach-look. Get up to 30% off when you purchase of our Hands & Feet Soak off Gel service.


Cash & EPS only.  Please reserve by phone or whatsapp in advance.

Not available on Sunday & Public Holiday


[夏日Gel甲優惠] 可卸式甲油 (Soak Off Gel) 優惠 (2018-7-8月)

炎炎既夏日終於都來臨了,大家最近一定會常到沙灘暢泳~~趕快來把指甲整靚靚吧,七月至八月同時光顧手部連腳部的可卸式甲油 (Soak Off Gel) 服務,即享高達七折優惠


只限以 Cash 或 EPS 付款,請先以電話或 Whatsapp 預約


[熱血夏日] OPI 2018 夏季系列 Grease Collection 指甲油

相信OPI粉絲應該知道新系列即將推出,來跟大家迎接一個炎炎夏日,這次系列名為GREASE。Grease 是一套出名的青春舞台劇, OPI就這個因素今次選擇用的色彩較為大膽,對比大,令人聯想到一段段熱血的畫面。

NLG41 Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milkshake
NLG42 Meet A Boy Cute As Can Be
NLG43 Summer Lovin’ Having A Blast!
NLG44 Was It All Just A Dream?
NLG45 Teal Me More, Teal Me More
NLG46 Chills Are Multiplying!
NLG47 Frenchie Like To Kiss?
NLG48 Pink Ladies Rule The School
NLG49 Hopelessly Devoted To OPI
NLG50 You’re The Shade That I Want
NLG51 Tell Me About It Stud
NLG52 Danny & Sandy 4 Ever!

Summer Nail Art: Refreshing Geometries

Summer is officially here.  It is time to shake that old look off on your nails.   Try creating geometrical shapes with just the swiping of a few simple strokes.  You can do any shape you like, such as triangle, Circle, star and square.   Whether you have apply a shade on your nails or not, adding shapes can give your mani a brand new style.


Do not wait anymore! Go ahead !


[Coming Soon] OPI 2018 夏季系列 Grease Collection 指甲油即將推出



OPI 為慶祝『Grease』成立40週年,設計出一套圍繞這個主題的指甲油及 LED Gelcolor Soak-off Gel,請留意我們之後的介紹。

[Nail Art Tutorial] Geometrical Nail Art with CND Shellac

Accentuate your nail with a stylish design using CND Shellac.   You will need these two shades – CND Cake Pop and CND Black Pool.

First, draw a few lines with black pool on the nail.  Fill up one of the geometrical area with Cake Pop by using a nail art pen.  Then clean the pen and dip some top coat to stick on some glitter in another area.  After this, fill up one more area withBlack Pool.   The final step is to bring out the lines by going over with Black Pool.  There you go!

It does not take long to master the technique. Once you have it, feel free to be creative and playful with the design!


Rainbow Nails 榮獲 【Sisters BeautyPro 優秀專業美容院 2018】 嘉許


Rainbow Nails 一向以專業態度服務顧客,今年再一次獲各位肯定,榮獲 Sisters BeautyPro 姊妹美容嘉許 “優秀專業美容院  2018” 奬項,多謝各位的支持和鼓勵,我們將會繼續向不同客戶提供優質美甲服務。

[美甲教學] 用 CND Shellac 做幾何圖案 Nail Art

很久都沒有介紹過CND Shellac的顏色,今次跟你們分享選用 CND 顏色做 Nail Art!

今次 Nail Art 只需兩枝色彩─ CND Cake Pop 和 CND Black Pool,在你想要幾何圖案的指甲上先用 Black Pool 不規則畫上直線,用畫花筆沾上 Cake Pop,塗滿其中一個空格,清潔畫花筆後,再沾上 Top Coat 點少許閃粉,塗滿其中一個空格,而最後一個空格塗上 Black Pool。完成後,再用 Black Pool 加深預先畫的直線就可以了。