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Ingrown Nail Solution | Ingrown Nail Care for Both Women and Men

Have you ever experienced an ingrown nail? Did you immediately want to tear it off? Sometimes, if you don’t do it properly, it can lead to bleeding… The wound may also swell and be painful, taking several days to heal.

In reality, ingrown nails can happen to both men and women, and in some cases, the problem can be even more severe for men. If you don’t want your fingers to swell, it’s important to seek help from a professional nail technician! Going to a Nail Salon is not just about applying nail polish and trimming nails. During the nail care process, nail technicians handle ingrown nails with great care, laying a solid foundation for healthy nail growth.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, if you’re troubled by the above-mentioned issues, it’s worth making an appointment with a nail technician to address the problem of ingrown nails. Especially in recent years, when our hands often come into contact with disinfectants containing various chemicals, it’s crucial to take good care of our hands. Going to a Nail Salon is no longer exclusive to women!

六月優惠 | 男士手腳護理套餐優惠

注重外表和自我形象的維護,是男士專業的體現。今個月 Rainbow Nails 為男士推出了一個令人驚喜的護理套餐,讓男士們在中環鬧巿舒適放鬆的環境中獲得專業的護理服務。價值$770的套餐不僅包括全面的手部和腳部護理,還免費贈送價值$150的磨沙體驗一次。




不要錯過這個機會,Whatsapp 聯絡我們 Rainbow Nails,立即預約套餐,讓專業的護理師照顧你的手部和腳部,讓你感受到無比的舒適和放鬆,享受專業的男士手部和腳部護理服務吧!

優惠只限預約服務 需以現金付款

Whatsapp 預約: 9093 2622


地址:8/F, Thyrse House, 16 Pottinger Street, Central, Hong Kong 香港中環砵甸乍街16號太富商業大廈8樓

電話: 2840 0660

June Promotion | Men’s Manicure and Pedicure Package Special Offer

Maintaining appearance and self-image is a testament to a man’s professionalism. This month, Rainbow Nails has introduced an exciting care package specifically tailored for men, allowing them to enjoy professional care services in a comfortable and relaxing environment in the heart of Central. This package, valued at HK$770, not only includes comprehensive hand and foot care but also offers a complimentary exfoliation experience worth HK$150.

The care package includes trimming and grooming of men’s nails, which helps improve the appearance and overall hygiene of the nails. Trimming overgrown nails not only helps prevent accidental injuries but also enhances the overall cleanliness.

The highlight of this package is the complimentary exfoliation experience worth $150. Exfoliation is a treatment that removes dead skin cells, leaving the skin softer, smoother, and promoting cell regeneration. This exfoliation experience will provide a fresh sensation to your hands and feet, leaving your skin rejuvenated.

Although the value of this package exceeds $770, you can now enjoy all the services at a discounted price and receive a complimentary exfoliation experience worth $150. Take advantage of this special offer and revitalize your hands and feet, showcasing your best image.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Contact Rainbow Nails via WhatsApp to make a reservation and let the professional technicians take care of your hands and feet, providing you with unparalleled comfort and relaxation. Indulge in professional men’s hand and foot care services!

Promotion is available by appointment only, and payment must be made in cash.

Whatsapp Make Appointment: 9093 2622

Service Hour: 11am-7pm

Address: 8/F, Thyrse House, 16 Pottinger Street, Central, Hong Kong

Telephone: 2840 0660

倒刺解決 | 女士和男士都需要倒刺護理


其實,指甲生倒刺不論男女都會發生,甚至男士的倒刺問題可能比女士更嚴重。如果不想手指腫脹,就要找專業的美甲師幫忙!去 Nail Salon 不僅僅是塗指甲油和修短指甲那麼簡單,美甲師在修甲的過程中會非常小心地處理倒刺問題,這樣可以為指甲打好基礎,促進它們健康生長。

無論男士還是女士,如果受到以上問題困擾,不妨預約美甲師,解決一下倒刺問題,尤其近幾年雙手常常接觸含有不同化學物質的消毒用品,更需要好好保護雙手。去 Nail Salon 已經不再是女士的專利了!

Tender and Sweet | Matcha Milk Nail Art

Many Asian girls tend to avoid matcha-colored nail art because they fear it will make their hands look dark or yellow. However, matcha enthusiasts can choose a refreshing matcha milk color that combines soft matcha green with creamy white. This will make you look more tender and sweet! Additionally, you can add some trendy variations such as gradient or ombre techniques to create a translucent effect that complements your skin tone and adds a cute touch!

1. Blended Matcha Green

Like a beautiful painting, this nail art creates a comfortable atmosphere. By using shades of matcha green and blending them with creamy white, while incorporating luxurious metallic elements, it adds a touch of glamour to the overall look. @noanailtip

2. Transparent 3D Gel

Using popular 3D gel mini daisies combined with a delicate matcha milk color, this nail art exudes a lovely vibe. Enhance its sophistication with simple gold decorations. Fair-skinned ladies should definitely give this style a try! @nail_yuuuu

3. 3D Water Drops

With gradient green lines and 3D light green water drops, this design gives a refreshing sensation just by looking at it. The proper use of negative space ensures that this shade of green suits various skin tones, making them appear fairer. @ceel_nailed_it

4. Blush Gradient

Blush gradient nail art is not limited to pink or orange shades. Surprisingly, a delicate matcha milk color can also create a lively and cute blush gradient style. @nuninail

5. Matte Finish + Orange Pear

If you’re concerned about an overly eye-catching look, consider a matte finish for your nails. It instantly enhances the texture and pairs well with bright orange fruit accents on a few fingers, adding a fun and vibrant touch to the overall color scheme. @ttl.nails

粉嫩又甜美 | 抹茶牛奶美甲推介


1. 暈染抹茶綠


2. 透明立體膠

運用當紅的立體膠小雛菊,搭配上粉嫩系的抹茶牛奶色,散發出可愛的氣息,再用簡單的金色裝飾瞬間提升精緻度,白皙膚色的氣質妹妹絕對要嘗試看看這款呀! @nail_yuuuu

3. 立體水滴

綠色漸層線條,搭上立體的淡綠水滴,光是看著就有清爽感,且適當的留白空間在各種膚色上都能輕鬆成為顯白綠色系! @ceel_nailed_it

4. 腮紅暈染

不只粉紅色、橙色系適合腮紅暈染美甲,沒想到粉嫩的抹茶牛奶色做成腮紅暈染款式,也相當活潑可愛。 @nuninail

5. 霧面感+橙色梨

如果擔心整體太搶眼的話,不妨畫成霧面的甲面,質感瞬間提升,搭配幾指鮮豔的橙色水果,整個顏色又跳出來一點又有趣! @ttl.nails

Soft Gel vs. Hard Gel: What’s the Difference? A Comparison of Their Pros and Cons

When it comes to getting a manicure at nail salon, one of the biggest dilemmas is choosing between soft gel and hard gel. If you want your nails to look more natural and beautiful, soft gel manicures are the way to go. However, if you’re looking to extend the length of your nails or create more elaborate and dramatic nail designs, hard gel may be the better choice. So, what are the differences between them, and what are their respective advantages and disadvantages? Let’s take a closer look at the comparison below.

What is Gel Nail?
Gel nails, also known as resin nails or gel polish, involve using natural resin that is hardened under an LED light to strengthen and shape the surface of the nails. Gel nails can be used for both nail enhancement and nail art designs. Generally, gel nails are divided into two types: soft gel and hard gel.

What is Soft Gel?
Soft gel, also known as soak-off gel, gets its name because it can be easily removed by soaking the nails in nail polish remover. Soft gel manicures are thinner and more translucent, resulting in a more natural look. They are suitable for short to medium-length nails but are not as strong as hard gel for nail extensions. As a result, the choices for nail art designs in soft gel manicures are somewhat limited, typically involving single-color polish or simple decorative drawings on the nails.

After applying soft gel polish, it is cured and hardened by UV or LED light for approximately 30 seconds, enhancing the hardness and durability of the nails. Soft gel manicures generally last for about 2 to 4 weeks.

What is Hard Gel?
Hard gel, as the name suggests, is more rigid and durable compared to soft gel. It is used for nail extensions and allows you to increase the length of your nails. With hard gel, you can shape your nails into various desired forms, such as long and slender stiletto or elegant oval shapes.

After a hard gel manicure, the nails become hard and sturdy, making it suitable for repairing damaged nails. Additionally, hard gel allows for more elaborate nail art designs, such as crystal and rhinestone decorations that require a stronger base.

Hard gel manicures also require UV or LED light for curing and hardening. Due to their higher hardness, hard gel nails are more resistant to daily wear and tear and less prone to breakage. With proper care, hard gel manicures can last approximately 3 to 4 weeks. However, the removal process for hard gel is more complex and typically requires professional filing by a nail technician to avoid thinning the nails and affecting their health.

Pros and Cons of Soft Gel vs. Hard Gel

Soft GelSlightly enhances nail strength without damaging the natural nails.
Can be easily removed with nail polish remover.
Shorter manicure time, usually taking about an hour.
Cannot achieve nail extensions or significant nail shape corrections.
Nails are softer and more prone to damage.
Relatively shorter durability, typically lasting 2 to 4 weeks.
Hard GelAllows for nail lengthening and shaping.
Provides a harder surface that can repair and protect natural nails.
Resistant to chipping and longer-lasting, usually lasting 3 to 4 weeks.
Offers a wide range of manicure options, from solid colors to intricate 3D designs.
Complex removal process, requiring professional filing.
Longer manicure time, usually taking about two hours.
Slightly higher cost compared to soft gel.

The choice between Soft Gel and Hard Gel depends on personal preferences and expectations for nail art results. When making a decision, consider factors such as nail length, desired nail art designs, durability, and maintenance requirements.

If you’re looking for professional advice that is tailored to your individual needs, it’s best to consult with a professional nail technician.

Soft Gel vs Hard Gel: 兩種Gel甲優點缺點比較

在美甲店做指甲時,最大的困擾之一就是選擇 Soft Gel 還是 Hard Gel。如果你希望指甲看起來更自然美麗,Soft Gel 美甲是不錯的選擇。然而,如果你想要延長指甲的長度或者創造更精美華麗的指甲設計,Hard Gel 可能更適合。那麼,它們之間有什麼不同,各自的優缺點是什麼呢?讓我們仔細比較一下。

Gel甲,也被稱為樹脂甲或者光療甲,是使用天然樹脂在LED燈下加固硬化,以加強和塑造指甲表面的一種方法。Gel甲可以用於指甲增長和 Nail Art 設計,一般來說分為Soft Gel和Hard Gel兩種類型。

Soft Gel是甚麼?
Soft Gel,也被稱為 Soak-off Gel,因為可以通過浸泡指甲在缷甲水中輕鬆去除而得名。Soft Gel 比較薄,更透明,呈現出更自然的外觀。它適用於短到中長度的指甲,但對於延長指甲來說,Soft Gel 不像 Hard Gel 那麼堅固。因此,Soft Gel 的 Nail Art 設計選擇相對有限,通常只包括單色指甲油或者簡單的圖案裝飾。在塗上 Soft Gel 指甲油後,需要使用紫外線或者LED燈進行約30秒的固化和硬化,增強指甲的硬度和耐久性。Soft Gel 通常可以持續大約2到4個星期。

Hard Gel是甚麼?
Hard Gel 如其名,比較堅硬和耐用。它用於延長指甲,使你的指甲長度增加。使用 Hard Gel,你可以塑造出各種你想要的形狀,例如細長的尖頭形狀或者優雅的橢圓形狀。經過 Hard Gel 美甲後,指甲變得堅硬且牢固,特別適合用來修復受損的指甲。此外,Hard Gel 還可以進行更複雜的 Nail Art 設計,例如需要更堅固基底的水晶和鑲嵌設計。Hard Gel 美甲也需要使用紫外線或者LED燈進行固化和硬化。由於 Hard Gel 更硬,指甲更耐磨損,不容易斷裂。在適當的護理下,Hard Gel 美甲可以持續大約3到4個星期。然而,Hard Gel 的卸甲過程比較複雜,通常需要專業美甲師使用打磨工具進行卸甲,以避免指甲變薄並影響指甲的健康。

Soft Gel 和 Hard Gel 的優缺點

Soft Gel稍微增強指甲的堅固度,不損害自然指甲。
Hard Gel允許指甲延長和塑形。
提供多種美甲選擇,從單色, 彩繪到複雜的3D設計都適合。

Soft Gel 和 Hard Gel 的選擇取決於個人喜好和對美甲的期望結果。在做出決定時,請考慮指甲的長度、期望的 Nail Art 設計、耐久性和護理要求等因素。

Men’s Nail Art | 2024 Popular Men’s Gel Nail Styles (Part 2)

In our previous post, we introduced 5 men’s nail art styles inspired by celebrities. Today, we have another 5 recommendations for you, both Gel Nail and Nail Polish.

6. Men’s Nail Art Style: Y2K Nails
The Y2K style has been trending in recent years, not only for women but also for men’s nail art. BTOB’s Peniel rocks a stylish nail design featuring shades of deep blue, white, black, and silver, combined with diagonal patterns and blending effects, creating a cool yet refreshing look.

7. Men’s Nail Art Style: Hand-Painted Nails
Peniel also experiments with hand-painted nail art styles. He contrasts the trendy black and white colors with fresh silver and blue tones, incorporating hand-drawn heart shapes, “YOU,” flames, and other patterns, giving the nails a youthful vibe.

8. Men’s Nail Art Style: Playful and Vibrant Nails
For those looking for bold and playful nail art, you can incorporate elements like smiley faces, heart shapes, and more. Opt for bright yellow, red, and blue hues, and you’ll definitely stand out with these eye-catching nail designs.

9. Men’s Nail Art Style: Translucent Nails
Seventeen member The8 is also into nail art! This translucent nail art style features tiny patterns drawn on clear nails, creating a natural yet stylish look. It’s especially suitable for guys who are new to nail art. Just draw your favorite patterns, and instantly elevate your fashion game.

10. Men’s Nail Art Style: Flame Pattern Nails
The flame pattern nails by TXT member Taehyun are simply adorable! Using black nail polish as the base, he adds flame patterns in different colors, perfectly blending edginess with cuteness.

Men’s nail art is becoming a part of fashion, and no matter which style you choose, you can showcase your unique style and taste. Try these celebrity-inspired men’s nail art styles to enhance your overall look!

男士美甲 |2024人氣男生美甲 Gel 甲款式推介 (二)


6. 男士美甲款式:Y2K甲款

7. 男士美甲款式:手繪風美甲款式

8. 男士美甲款式:活潑感美甲款式

9. 男士美甲款式:透明感美甲款式

10. 男士美甲款式:火焰圖案美甲款式