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7 Embarrassing Moments of Nail Art Addicts

For those who love nail art, I am sure you can relate yourself to one of the following seven annoying habits.  Let us see how many you can identify with. 

1. Addicted to changing nail designs

Once you get into The world of nail art designs, you can never turn back. You always make up excuses to get new nail designs, such as: change of seasons, holidays and even traveling.  You cannot help yourself from doing this. However wearing fake nails for too long can give you yellow nails.  Try to give your nails a break between each change. This can decrease the harm of  this addiction.

2. Nail images on the phone

You have stored a massive amount of nail images on the phone.  It is all too easy to save the images from IG and Facebook, not to mention the millions of  screenshot from many of the nail salons that you follow.  Just so you can find the right idea from the photo albums next time when you want to change.

3. Hiding germs in the long nails

You may like to get extensions or avoid trimming the real nails, but you may not like to clean The Nails. This definitely allows germs to cultivate.  It is very easy two collect debris when you are putting on make up or grabbing some food to eat. If you are always afraid of ruining the gel and avoid cleaning the nails they can get quite nasty!

4. Typing with the pads of your nails

When a person with fake nails type with fingertips, it is very hard to type accurately and it makes a lot of annoying tapping sounds.

You often have to use the pads of the fingers rather than the top.

5. Unable to do the little things in life

Simple things like opening soft drinks, picking up coins and paper on the floor and even squeezing blackheads became impossible! But what the heck! The nails look good and that is what matters!

6. Nail selfies

You  often fell in love with you’re newly done Nails. You cannot help to take pictures of your own hands and you Keep on staring at your own nails for over 10 minutes at a time.

7. More and more dramatic

You cannot settle for Single shades anymore, not even multiple shades. You can only be satisfied by eye-catching items like gliitter, pearls, anything that can make a strong statement.

How many of the above addictions can you link yourself to?


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