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2024 Nail Art Trends (Part 3)

Have you seen Episode 1 and Episode 2 of the Nail Art Trend for 2024? Today, we bring you the final part of this gel nail trend series!

11. Animal Prints

Animal prints are a classic choice for Nail Art – leopard, tortoiseshell, and even cow prints – creating fun and timeless manicures. Hernandez combines leopard print with a touch of green to create a bolder nail design.

“I use gel-like brown-orange tones, adding layers of brown from dark to light to create a three-dimensional and realistic effect,” she says.

12. Pierced Nails

Add some edginess to your nail art by incorporating pierced details. “This trend briefly appeared in 2023, and I believe it will have its moment in 2024,” says Hernandez. You can add a piercing to any nail design you like, whether it’s with neutral nail polish or a chrome silver effect. To achieve this, she suggests using a thin nail drill to carefully pierce the nail and then adding a stud or charm.

13. Short & Square Nails

Long nails never go out of style, but with celebrities like Olivia Rodrigo and Sofia Richie Grainge embracing natural nails recently, shorter nail lengths will be more popular in 2024. Saunders predicts that ultra-short and square nails that “harken back to the minimalist style of the ’90s” will become a new trend. She recommends pairing this style with a light pink shade like Chanel’s Ballerina or Essie’s Mademoiselle.

14. Aura Nails

Capture the energy of 2024 with aura nails. Hernandez says this trend is highly popular in the nail art community and will become a fresh gradient nail style in the new year. You can achieve this effect by using an airbrush or pigment powders, combining multiple colors that suit your personal style.


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