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“VERY GOOD NAIL” Soak-off Gel from Korea

I am sure those who are ahead of the trend are familiar off the Korean brand-Very Good Nail. Besides it’s bottle design being appealing to young ladies, The Color schemes are also very captivating. Collections include the super popular, cats eye series and, the transparent jelly series.

Today we are going to focus on the “Luna” Collection. This set has six light weight shades with white glitter. Although gelcolor in general required two layers in order to show The color, the Luna collection on the other hand, can give different effects depending on whether you applied one layer, two layers or three.

The maker even demonstrated all three variations.
One more bonus!!! You can make your own nail art design by combining different shades to create irregular patterns. These shades include: purple, galaxy black, sky blue, and turquoise stone brown.

Luna Collection is now available at Rainbow Nails. Make a booking and we will show you all the different effects.


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