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Artificial Nail and Acrylic Nail for Men – A Solution for Nail and Cuticle Biters

Gentlemen may have problems of the hard cuticle at the sides of their nails, caused by long time habit of bitting or pulling of the cuticle. Acrylic nails or Artificial nails can help with the problem.

[Male grooming] Why Should Men Go to Nail Salons?

Male grooming is becoming a booming business in the recent years. Why should men go to nail salons?

男仕假甲水晶甲 保護真甲治療硬皮

手部其實在 Male Grooming 男仕儀容整理上都佔上很重要的一部分,除了修甲外,大部份男仕都對自己的指甲兩旁長著硬皮有疑問。


Male Grooming近年的急劇發展,證明修甲和護理已經不是女仕的專利。其實男士們去修甲絕對不是”姿整”,而是一種對自己端裝的要求。