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Heidi’s Nail Solution Nail Strengthener and Cuticle Repair Cream in all new travel size

The all new Heidi’s Nails Solution nail strengthener and cuticle repair cream 8ml travel size has exactly the same ingredients as the classic size. You can rejuvenate dry, dull, weak, uneven and split nails anywhere you like.

[Strengthening in Pink] OPI Nail Envy added Pink Formula

With OPI Nail Envy, your nails can be harder, longer, and stronger – beautifully! The new pink shades add a tint of color to nails while strengthening them.

[補強營養良藥] OPI Nail Envy 護甲底油新增粉紅色

愛塗甲油的你,一定會聽過 OPI Nail Envy! 點解? 我在這裡再簡單介紹 Nail Envy究竟是什麼?