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2016 Hottest and coolest in nail art trends (1 of 3)

Artwork on the nails can hold up at least 2 to 3 weeks on your fingers. You want to make the right choice. In the 3 upcoming posts, we will bring you from sexy to fancy, from classy to funky, the most popular nail fashion of this year.




1) Reversed French Nails – The classic look of French nail with its unpainted Crescent tip is sensual and elegant. Now it becomes cool when we apply designs of geometric and abstract patterns on the Crescent area.



2) Glass nails – Prepared to be mesmerized by the gemstone resemblance. The holographic effect of glass nails is achieved by layering of special nail stickers on the nails. Each angle reflects a different color. The trick is to use a dark shade as the base coat to get the ultimate results.



3) Galaxy nails – Same way as glass manicure, the intriguing stargaze design is also achieved by layering cellophane on top of a dark base coat.


Did you like the three cool nail styles we shared with you last time?





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