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6 Tips to make your Nail Polish Last Longer

Most people apply their nail polish by pulling the brush from the base to tip in one stroke. This way may be quick but it will not last long.  What is the secret of professional manicurists that makes the polish so long-lasting?

I. Base Coat

Apply clear base coat before you put on shade. Not only this can help the color look sharper, the base coat can also protect the real nail.

II. Apply on Your Strong Hand First

If you are right-handed, apply on on the nails of your right hand first. Get the tougher part done first. It is easier to finish up by the strong hand lasst.

III. Do not Fetch too Much

Pull off excessive polish at the rim of the bottle, this can make the color looks more even.

IV. Apply on the top 1/3 part of the nails first

Since there is more chance that  the upper part of the nails chip off first, reinforcing this area can Definitely help.

V. Double Coats

Apply a secong coat while the first coat is slightly dried. The color will look more saturated and shiny.

VI. Top Coat

You definitely need the top coat. It is the key to that extra shine and durability.


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