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FRESH CRÈME – Minimalist Nail Art, Subtle, Luxurious, Elegant!

Just like seasonal fashion trends, nail art styles also vary in popularity. Have you caught up with the trend of “Fresh Cream Nails” in gel nails?

By changing colors with the transition of different seasons, you can express your mood and bring a different charm to your life. For girls who prefer elegant nail art styles, a touch of subtle and graceful fresh cream is sure to be popular this summer!

What is Fresh Crème Nail Art?
Using off-white as the base color and combining it with cream and yellow, it evokes thoughts of cakes and pastries. That’s why it’s called fresh cream nail art, which exudes a subtle sense of healing. To achieve a perfect appearance, it is important to buff and polish the nails as a preparatory step. Then, choose nail polishes in off-white and cream shades that won’t appear too pink or too yellow when applied to the actual nails. Fresh Crème nail art actually makes the skin on your hands appear fairer. This simple yet sophisticated nail art style is perfect for everyday wear, creating a clean and elegant atmosphere. It is especially suitable for those who don’t often wear nail polish.


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