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How to apply OPI Sheer Tints Collection Lacquer like this?

 SheerTints NailArt (Medium)


Yes, they are really sheer, who would wear sheer shades like this?


Below are a few suggestions:


1)  Wear them alone. Grow your nails 2-3mm long; apply 2 coats. This will create a very subtle French effect, but this is challenging as you will need healthy nails, and naturally born nice nail shapes and nail body curves.

2)  Wear them alone. But apply a little bit thicker: 2-3 thicker coats to create a jelly like colors.

3)  Color Enhancement: Apply them onto other shades to tone up/tone down. e.g. apply sheer blue on a solid blue to enhance it; or apply sheer pink onto an orange base to tone it looks redder.

4)  For nail arts: suggest using light color base for creating nail arts, e.g. solid white / light yellow.


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