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[How to Avoid It?] One Factor causes a 36-year-old British Woman’s Nail Loss after Manicure

Recently, a 36-year-old British woman named Lisa Dewey, who had years of experience in manicures and no history of allergies, experienced a serious issue after a manicure that resulted in the complete loss of her nails, greatly impacting her daily life and confidence.

In February of this year, after a routine manicure, she began experiencing pain and inflammation on her fingertips, followed by the peeling off of her gel nails. She sought medical attention and was diagnosed with a bacterial infection. Lisa was prescribed antibiotics and steroid creams, which improved the condition of her nails. The nail inflammation appeared to have healed, so in April, she decided to get acrylic nails.

However, after this manicure, Lisa Dewey’s nail problems worsened. She described excruciating pain in her fingers to the point where she could hardly move them. Within a few days, her nails started to peel off, and the skin around her nails became fragile like “paper,” feeling like it could be torn off at any moment. The severe nail issues affected her daily life, preventing her from washing her daughter’s hair, doing dishes, fastening seat belts, and even holding a pen without experiencing extreme pain.

Not only did her nails detach from the nail bed, but the nail bed and surrounding areas also turned purple. Lisa was concerned about possible oxygen deprivation and the need for finger amputation, so she stopped using cleansers and skincare products. She has now started a new round of medication in hopes of improvement and resolving the problem.

After her recovery, Lisa has decided not to undergo any further manicures and advises everyone that even if they have had no issues with manicures for many years, they could still unfortunately encounter bacterial infections or allergic reactions, which can be troublesome.

Nail infections caused by manicures have been reported in the news frequently, causing many girls who desire manicures to hesitate. However, it’s important to note that by choosing reputable nail salons and ensuring that manicure tools are disinfected after each use, gel nails and acrylic nails can be safe and free from toxins.


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