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[Japanese Beer Nail Art] Must-Try Beer Gel Nails for Beer Enthusiast Girls – Exquisitely Recreating Every Detail!

It’s believed that many people enjoy having a couple of beers, and a Japanese nail artist took her love for beer to a whole new level by painting it on her nails! Marina, a nail artist who also happens to enjoy a drink or two, had a sudden idea to depict beer logos on her fingertips.

Among the various beers, Suntory beer, especially the Kinmugi series, is her favorite!

The level of detail in the beer nail art is astonishing, with many logos meticulously painted. It’s truly impressive! Many internet users are amazed by Marina’s talent, finding it hard to believe that it’s not nail printing but hand-painted artwork. Her natural talent and skill are truly captivating!

Source: ig@marilyn_0204


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