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[Manicure Color for your Zodiac Signs (1/6)] – Mysterious Aquarius and Romantic Pisces

According to astrologists, personalities are predefined by one’s astrological sign.  Each sign is represented by their own colour and may bring luck to that person.   

I am going to talk, in six separate posts, about the lucky color of manicure and nail art for the right signs.  Let me begin with Aquarius and Pisces



The Aquarian women  like to be viewed as mysterious, while being curious and open-minded.   A cyber-looking silver or light grey will best suit an Aquarius. 



The Pisces women are very romantic and often got lost in daydreaming.  You may easily find  yourself caught by the emotional ups and downs all the time. A practical and down to earth purple blue or bluish green can help calming you down.




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