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Mistakes People usually make when Removing LED Soak Off Gel

LED soak off gel is very popular because of its’ attractiveness and free of maintenance. It usually can hold up to two weeks until the real nails are growing and reviewing underneath.   Some people may skip going to the salon. 

Instead they will attempt to pull the gel off by themselves without realizing that this could be a big mistake.  In fact, brutally ripping off soak-off gel can damage the top layer of the nail plate, making the nail fragile and brittle.

If visiting the nail technician is a problem, please follow the DIY guide for removing soak off gel below to avoid damaging yOur real nails.

Three easy steps to remove LED soak off gel:

  1. First thin down the gel layer with a nail file.  This helps  the gel removing liquid to work more effectively.
  2. Saturate cosmetic cotton with the removing liquid.  Lay them on the nails, making sure that they cover well.  Wrap all the fingertips up witH aluminum foil’s. Wait for 15 minutes.
  3. Remove the Foils and gently brush away the gel. At this moment the nails are quite fragile.  You may want to apply some cuticle oil and protein oil to strengthen them.

Simple maintenance for your soak off gel:

The gel will come off if there is not enough oil. It is always smart to apply some nail oil at the edge of the soak-off gel.  The oil will not only soak in through the sides of the gel, the cuticle will also be moisturized.  When Dead skin and peeling cuticles are avoided, the soak off gel will stay on for much longer.

Con’on! It is time to check whether you have made ny of those mistakes!


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