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Fungal Nails love Humid Weather

The spring-summer season of Hong kong is notoriously hot and humid.  If you got sweaty feet and usually wear tight shoes, fungus may easily find its way to your toes.  Nail fungus can be quite contagious. If you are not being careful enough, the fungus can spread to the other toes and even the finger nails.

Fungal nails should be taken care of in a serious manner.  A topical medicine can do the job.  The Callusan – Unguisan from Germany can effectively treat fungus and provide protection against them. It’s natural ingredients include urea, Iceland moss extract and blackcurrant    It does not contain The medicinal ingredient – Clotrimazol.  It is dermatologically tested suitable for diabetic users.  To get a better result, you can use it in conjunction with the US brand – Heidi’s Germ Wise.

Germ Wise can be sprayed directly on the skin to form a protective membrane against bacteria and viruses.  It’s antibacterial ingredients can decrease the risk of infection caused by airborne diseases.  Germ Wise can break down odors produced by fungus while keeping the feet fresh and free of bacteria.

How to use:

1.      first, spray Germ Wise on the fungal nail for cleaning and disinfection.

2.      apply one to two drops of Unguisan on the bottom of the nail.  Let dry.  Repeat the process for two weeks and the nail will obviously become clearer.

  Continue to use until the fungal nails has completely been improved.


-keep dropper tip clear of the fungal nail to avoid contamination which may lead to cross infection or re-infection .

-this is a highly concentrated product. Do not use more then twice in a day.

-If there is no improvement after three weeks of use, you need to go consult the doctor.


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