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Mirror Nail Polish from Born Pretty


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Getting mirror nails used to be quite tricky.  It involved metallic nail wraps and took a great deal of skills to get it wrinkle-free.

The new  Mirror Nail Polish by Born Pretty can save you the trouble.    It involves a base coat and a top coat just like a regular nail polish.  The high shine and smoothness it achieves can surpass many other brands on the market.  The only draw back is that it does not really last that long.  On the other hand, some mirror nail polishes come in forms of glitter powder.  It also make use of the application  of base coat.  Then use a brush to apply the powder across until it reaches the desirable shine.

Whether you like the holographic shiny look, or just want to try out the interesting application, this is the  the new nail art trend that gets all the nail art enthusiasts talking about.



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