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[Nail Care Regime] Corns vs Common Warts

99.9% of people mix up corns and common warts.  Since they look so much alike, they often get mistreated. It is worth it to take a closer look at these two diseases.

How are corns and common warts different from each other?

These two common skin diseases look alike.   Common warts are often being mistaken and treated as corns.  The warts end up more infested and become more stubborn.  Therefore, it is very important to be able to identify the correct thing.

The symptoms of corns and common warts

1. Corns

Corns are thick and hardened skin caused by prolonged friction and pressures.  They are often found at the middle front part of the souls, The outside of the smallest toes or the inside of the big toes.  Sometimes, they even develop on top part of toes.  They are the size of peace, with smooth surface and yellow in color.  Inside they are in cone shape that reached the nerve.  This can cause pain when the patient walks.

2 Common Warts

Common warts are infection caused by Human papilloma virus.  They are also being called Verrucae.  They are the size of corns when started but then develop into the size of beans.  They appear in light gray or dull yellow that feel rough and hard. The patient usually won’t feel anything unless the warts  are being pressed or rubbed against.  In this case, they will hurt and sometimes bleeding.  Common warts usually appear on the back of the hand, back of the fingers, the neck and the back, etc.  If the patient found this problem to be serious. They must consult the doctor soon.


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