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Why did my Nail Lift Up and Break off?

Have you ever had a part of a nail broken off?  If you did not take care of the injured nail properly, you might end up with a separating nail. It practically feels like a foreign object. No matter how much the nail grows, there will always be a white area indicating the separation of the nail from the nail bed.

【pic. 1】

The causes of nail separation 

1. Natural nail

The nails mainly grow from the nail matrix located at the bottom of the cuticle. If the nail matrix has been damaged or hit badly. the newly grown Nails will likely to become separated.

【Pic. 2】

Also, those with weak  Nails, brittle nails, thin nails, nails that curl up and those who use their fingernails a lot, will easily have separating nails. For these people, it is quite hard to solve the problem. People who work excessively with there long nails may find horizontal crack lines on the nail plates.If they did not give enough care, the mail will definitely separate itself or even break off  from the nail bed.

2. Fake nails

In the case of gel nails, since fake nails are hard and strong, sometimes the person is  forcing too much.   They are not aware that The fake nails are already lifted away from the real nails.  When there is a strong hit, the real nail broke while the fake nail stayed put. The nails were not being taken care of soon enough and eventually came off. That is why you should not neglect it when the nail broke. It is advisable to visit the nail technicians frequently to ensure the The health of your real nails.

In our next post, we will talk about how a nail technician handles a case of a separating nail.


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