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[Manicure Sticker Tutorial] How to Properly Apply FOLARIS Gel Nail Strips?

Manicure stickers are easy to use and can be applied to your nails effortlessly. But have you been doing all the steps correctly? Let’s share with you the proper method of using manicure stickers through a Korean brand called FOLARIS Gel Nail Strips.

FOLARIS Gel Nail Strips are the brainchild of Korean designers, filled with innovation and unique styles. These nail strips incorporate elements of Korean fashion, such as vibrant colors, trendy patterns, and exquisite details. Whether you prefer sweet styles, fashionable trends, or luxurious elegance, FOLARIS Gel Nail Strips can help you radiate Korean charm, whether it’s with simple solid colors, cute cartoon patterns, or elaborate floral designs.

How to properly apply FOLARIS Gel Nail Strips:

  1. Clean your nails with prep pad
  2. Choose the right size that fit your nails
  3. Trim off the excess part using a nail scissor or a nail clipper
  4. Finish with a nail file
  5. Cure the nails under UV lamp for about 60 secs

Demo Video:

Other brands have similar procedures, so you can give them a try too!



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