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[Nail Polish] I always paint out a mess, WHY?

It is not hard to apply nail polish as neat as a pro.  Keep in mind the following five steps.

1. Trim nails and exfoliate

Removing dead cells can promotes healthy nails. This is also the basic for a perfect nail polish application.

2. Applying Base coat

Did you know that base coat is more than just strengthening weak nails?  Base coat is the key for smoother application, longer lasting and better color.  It can also prevent the pigment from sticking on the real nails and allows easy removal.

3. Do not paint too close

Start 1mm clear off the base.  Brush down along the middle of the nail and then complete the two sides. Do this and you can definitely avoid running over to the skin.

4. Apply two layers

Apply one more layer after the first layer is completely dry. This can avoid uneven color and thickness.

5. Top coat

Top coat makes the nails super shiny and longer lasting.

This is certainly something special you can do!


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