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[Get Gel Anywhere] LED Gel Nail Flash Light

It looks like a flashlight. When you open the cap, there is a transparent gel tip with blue light. What is this, really?

[Japanese Gadget] Thoughtful Nail Buffing Paper

You can always find some thoughtfulness and creativity‘s in Japanese products, like this nail buffing paper…

[Japanese Nail Art] Ease your Heart of Longing

At this time you still don’t know when you can fly to Japan. Do some Japanese nail art to comfort your earning now?

Another Heart-Melting Design from Japan – Edison Whale Nail Scissors with Magnifying Glass for Babies

It could be a daunting task for parents to trim their sweet angels little finger nails. Japan brand, Edison, brought in this very thoughtful design.

Amazing Nail Protection Pen from Japan

Using Japanese gadgets can really brighten up the day. This time, we introduce a pen shape magic nail file.

Nail’s Day off: Amazing Nail Protection Pen from Japan

If you have done soak-off gel many times, the nails might become dry and brittle. You want to give them a break, but they are already too thin and bumpy. Check out the “Nail’s Day Off” (美爪の休日) nail protection pen from Japan.

Baby Nail Trimmer

Infants usually have soft and fast-growing nails. it can be quite a challenge for mommies when it comes to cutting their babies’ nails. Any way to help?


所有媽媽都會面對一個問題,就是都很怕幫BB剪手甲。BB 手甲又細又軟,一不留神就怕弄傷小手指,令到 BB 流血,而且剪完後鋒利的指甲更可能會刮傷 BB 自己。有甚麼百寶可以幫助媽媽們呢?

Digital Nail Printing Machine from Japan

This new nail printing machine from TSUME.CO can print five nails all at once. The preset designs are hand-painted by professional nail artists using their skills of great precision!

TheGofun by Ueba Esou Nail Polish in Hong Kong Vending Machine

Buying TheGofun by Ueba Esou nail polish from Kyoto just gets a little less hassle and more interesting in Hong Kong.